10 Breathtaking Experiences You Should Consider Having in 2019


A new year full of potential, new goals and big plans has arrived. Most people have a tendency to do major changes at the beginning of each year, like registering for a gym or starting a healthy diet. But January is also a great chance for planning trips and activities for the year ahead.

More and more people are seeking authentic experiences nowadays. We have seen it last year as a major travel trend and it is going to be a key reason to travel this year as well.

Besides being authentic, experiences need to be breathtaking too for many people. Adrenaline is what puts us in a flow state and not only millennials are adrenaline seekers. 

We wanted to make your plans easy by listing 10 breathtaking experiences you should definitely consider having this year. By choosing the experiences, we mostly looked at Instagram and Pinterest ( both are the main visual search platforms people use to discover things to do) and also looked at our customer portfolio to find which tour and activity companies have gained momentum last year. 

1) Whale watching

It is the practice of observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. There are popular spots all over the world for this activity. In Europe, Iceland offers great tours. One way to understand the popularity of an activity is through a quick search for the hashtags on Instagram.

Doing this is very easy; just write the name of the activity in the search bar and you will be amazed by the results.  600, 122 posts only on Instagram for Whale Watching (this means, over 600,000 photos/videos shared by people while they are on a whale watching tour).

whale watching


2) Hot-Air Balloon Ride

hot air ballon

Hot-Air balloon rides are a great air activity that gives you the possibility to see a great landscape up from the air. It is not surprising that there are 1,239,148 posts on Instagram

There are many places to enjoy this activity but one location is by far the most popular in Europe, Cappadocia, Turkey.

3) Heli-skiing

Heli-skiing is off-trail, downhill skiing or snowboarding reached by helicopter, instead of a ski lift. If you have the opportunity to spend a bit more, this is a great experience combining helicopter ride and skiing. No wonder why there are 77, 326 posts on Instagram.


4) Horseback Riding

horseback riding


This is probably one of the oldest sports activities in human history. Horseback riding was practiced as far back as the Bronze Age (3000 BC ).

There are 1,854,225 posts on Instagram and the photo on the right is from our team member Kadriye, where she was having one of her unforgettable experiences in Mount Vesuvius.


5) Skydiving + Parachuting

If you are more adventurous and prefer something more extreme than hot air balloon rides, then skydiving is for you. It is also most of the time offered as tandem skydiving so you can try it with your loved one. 1,580,305 posts on Instagram prove that people like this activity. 


6) Rappeling  

Some consider it as the most extreme sport and there is truth in that.  90,094 posts on Instagram are definitely breathtaking. 


7) Ziplining




Zipline tours are becoming more and more popular. You can reach up to 125mph  speed in the fastest zip wire in the world which is located in North Wales. 




One of our customers from Italy offers a great zip line experience over a river in a Canyon. 

All 488,287 posts on Instagram are looking unreal. 

8) Sky restaurants

If you want a really authentic experience, why not have dinner up in the air? There are sky restaurants all around the world and 49,375  posts on Instagram for “dinner in the sky”  prove that it is becoming popular. 


9) BASE Jumping

base flying

BASE jumping is parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure or cliff. It is somewhat similar to skydiving but instead of jumping with a parachute out of a plane, you jump off a fixed object; either a Building, an Antennae, a Span, or the Earth. One of our customers in Berlin offers an amazing BASE flying experience right next to the famous TV tower. 

P.S. Do you remember the most famous and extreme BASE jump in history? The one from space

74,935 posts on Instagram shows us the growing popularity of this extreme air activity. 


10) Mountain biking

mountain biking


It is an exciting activity of riding bicycles off-road which gives you thrills most of the time. Check the 2,222,455 posts on Instagram if you are not convinced yet. Bike tours are a nice way to discover a new city but why not trying a mountain biking tour next time you visit a new city close to the mountains? 




Let us know if we missed any activity which should be on this list. 


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