10 Must-Have Functions for Escape Room Booking Software

escape room booking software

As an Escape Room host, you are faced with many challenges. One big decision for your business may involve choosing the right solution for booking. This article will sum up everything a booking system can do for your Exit Room.

Escape games have been a recreational trend in recent years. So it’s no surprise that the competition in this sector has increased dramatically. By now, every major city has a multitude of different escape games to offer, and even in smaller cities, the options are steadily increasing.

What does this mean for you as a vendor? The changing choice in products puts more pressure on your business, and the fight for customers is growing. In order to stand out from the crowd, the most important things for you to offer in your escape room are, of course, a creative script and a brilliant puzzle.

But that is far from being enough. For customers to choose your business, booking online has to be appealing and uncomplicated. A professional online booking system is the key to achieving this goal.

Why do you need an online booking system?

These days, nobody likes having to call a business to ask about and book appointments anymore. What’s more, all open availabilities can be clearly displayed for the convenience of your customers. A booking system is more professional and, above all, means saving time for you!

The biggest advantages of using a booking system for you, the vendor:

  • Save time with centralization and automatization

  • Avoid errors such as overbooking

  • Increase customer satisfaction with a convenient booking process

  • Automatic group and individual bookings, as well as adjusting open capacities

  • Data analysis and evaluation

These advantages sound tempting, but as soon as you start searching the internet for the right software, the range of options becomes overwhelming. Where are you supposed to begin to find the right system for your Escape Room?

The Perfect Escape Room Booking Software

Most importantly, a good booking system needs to work fast and should also be easy to use. But what else should it be able to do to be a good fit for your Escape Room? Our list will give you an overview.

10 crucial functions of the perfect Escape Room booking software:

  • Free trial period to get acquainted with the product
  • Uncomplicated system integration, for direct installation
  • Easy, intuitive system operation
  • Mobile optimization is a basic prerequisite
  • Automated group and individual bookings to avoid errors and increase efficiency
  • Text and e-mail notifications
  • Interface compatible with the systems you already use, to make the transition easier
  • Security and data protection for you and your customers
  • Customer data analysis and evaluation for future campaigns
  • Full customer support for questions and problems

With Regiondo Pro, you’ll have a system that is perfectly attuned to your needs and constantly being refined. Along with the 10 basic functions listed here, Regiondo Pro offers many more features to make your life as an Escape Room vendor easier.

We would love to have a no-obligation conversation and provide you with more information about personal opportunities for you.

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