2018 Trends For The Travel Industry

2018 trends for the travel industry

As a leisure provider you must be quick to adapt to trends and technology advancements in the tourism industry or you’ll be left behind. Discover the 2018 Trends for the Travel Industry and how you can keep your offers relevant to travelers.

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2018 Trends For The Travel Industry

20 years ago, travel agents were how most people went about booking a trip. But now, the traditional travel agent industry is on a steep decline and has been for years. The reason travel agents are becoming less important is due to the fact that they didn’t seize the opportunity of the internet and advancements in technology when they had the chance. They didn’t see upcoming trends and failed to understand the internet was going to become mainstream. And now, they’ve been paying for it in the last decade.

The scary part is, this could happen to anyone if they fail to pay attention to the current travel trends and where the industry is headed. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of travel trends to capitalize on in 2018, to help you avoid the same fate of the travel agent.

Entering a New Reality

virtual reality travel trends 2018 girl looking at vr goggles

Studies show that once a person holds something, they’re more likely to buy it.

This is why salespeople always try to have prospects hold an item when in the middle of a sale; because it’s a useful tactic to close a sale. And now, this sales tactic has been seeping into the travel industry as well, in the form of virtual reality. In 2017, companies leveraged virtual reality to help prospective travelers get a better feel for what it would be like to travel to their destination.

From touring a potential hotel for an exotic getaway to experiencing what skydiving would feel like, with the help of technology like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream and others, prospective travelers are able to experience part of the trip from the comfort of their home.

When leveraged the correct way, virtual reality could help tour operators and activity providers sell more tours and activities. It also helps prospective travelers to check out potential travel destinations before they hit the road or hop on a plane. The good thing is, virtual reality brings an immersive experience and will likely convince more people to take that vacation and book your fun activity or tour, versus not.

Companies like YouVisit make this a piece of cake for hotels, DMO’s, or anyone looking to make a tour of their location more accessible to travelers.

Traveling Like A Local

travel like a local 2018 travel trends


Travel giant, Airbnb, made many moves in 2017 and will continue to do so in 2018 to make travelers feel less like tourists and more like locals. As tourists, people are only able to see what is available as common knowledge, which puts them at a disadvantage by not being able to travel and experience a new location as a local would.

Airbnb started to tackle this challenge in 2016 by introducing experiences, which is a way for travelers to be shown around a new city by a local. This enables travelers to have a more authentic experience in a new location, and likely triggers a fond feeling of traveling, which will incentivize them to travel more in the future.

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DMO’s or tour guides who are able to evoke this feeling of “travelling like a local” could spawn the same effect that Airbnb has had on its millions of users

Musement also aims to help travelers have more unforgettable and local experiences. ‘’Local Wherever You Go’’ is the thought behind their activities and tours from local providers like you, located in over 450 cities around the world.Tour operators and activity providers wanting to keep with the times would be wise to distribute their offers where they’ll surely be seen by travelers from every corner of the globe. As a Regiondo customer you can connect your shop to Musement in only a few minutes. 

Having your offers listed on sales channels such as Expedia Local Expert, Viator, and Get Your Guide, can help you ensure you’re covering your bases and not missing any opportunities. Regiondo’s Channel Manager helps leisure providers distribute their offers on more channels and save time managing them. You can learn more about the Channel Manager here.

So, if you can make people feel local to a location, you’re likely to win over their traveling heart. 2018 is the year that people want to have native experiences in new locations, and get the local experience.


Digital Nomads & Influencers


digital nomads 2018 trends for the travel industry

Just in the last decade, a whole slew of people known as Digital Nomads have been rising. Digital nomads are entrepreneurs who are able to support their lifestyle and make enough money simply from their computer and a backpack. Due to this, there is a giant movement of digital nomads who are traveling across the world in masses. This movement is only going to increase, so it’s best to try to win over the digital nomads.

With the rise of digital nomads, comes the trend of influencers on social media. Networking and maintaining a good relationship with these digital nomad influencers can benefit leisure providers in many ways.

With sites like Travel Massive and others, cities and locations within those cities can earn a good reputation among the digital nomad community and attract them. For tour providers, if a digital nomad likes your experience, they are likely going to tell other digital nomads and it will spread through the community. Some ways to accommodate for and capitalize on this growing trend are to:

  • Make sure you have fast wifi in your space
  • Have plenty of of outlets
  • Keep updated with the trends through sites like Travel Massive and stay connected to the tourism industry through their special events around the world
  • Be friendly to the nomads, and they will be friendly to you

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Let Us Know

There you have it, our 2018 Trends for the Travel Industry. As innovation happens daily, 2018 will be another progressive year for tourism. With technology and digital marketing trends evolving daily, it’s a great time to be a leisure provider. From virtual tour experiences, to living like a local, to swells of digital nomads traveling the world and influencing social media, make sure you stay on top of the trends and you’ll never end up with the same fate as the traditional travel agent. If you want to more know more about how Regiondo can help you as a tour operator or activity provider, contact us! We’d be happy to hear from you.


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