3 Ways to Manage Your Reputation Online

manage your reputation online

The online travel industry is developing quickly and the way businesses manage their reputation online has changed along with it. How can you be sure your tour or activity business is using best practices when it comes to managing your reputation and reviews?

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can manage your reputation online and how you can collect reviews the right way.

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In 2016, global digital travel sales totaled a staggering US$564.87 billion and are expected to reach US$629.81 in  2017. Furthermore, a January 2017 survey revealed that 95% of U.S. respondents preferred using an online channel when searching for vacation destinations.

Word-of-mouth recommendations still have just as much decision-making impact as they ever did. It’s just that now the largest percentage of these recommendations take the form of third-party online reviews, mainly on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. In 2016, TripAdvisor alone generated revenues of nearly US$1.5 billion – and this is where the difference lies in your online reviews.


3 Ways To Manage Your Reputation Online Through Reviews

Statistical Proof – Increasing numbers of studies and the resulting statistics have proven maintaining online reviews is worthwhile for any business. For example, 97% of all consumers search for online reviews before making purchasing decisions. There is also a strong correlation between positive reviews and sales: those products and services with positive reviews saw 200% more in sales than those without.

The hospitality/travel industry is especially susceptible to the influence of online reviews and the reputation they give a business. Consider: 76% of potential customers indicated they would pay more for hotels with higher review scores. And when prices are the same, these customers are 3.9 times more likely to select the hotel with higher scores.

Third-party Trust – Peer or third-party review sites engender a sense of trust in online shoppers.

Most travelers (nearly 95%) believe reviews to be important for making purchasing decisions – but many do not trust reviews directly from a business or tour operator’s site. On the other hand, 73% of consumers trust a local business with positive reviews more and said they would be far more likely to trust reviews on a third-party site.

Confidence in the Right Decision – Multi-day, multi-destination travel and activities come along with them are a fairly big-ticket purchase for many people. Vacationers often conduct extensive online research to ensure they are making the right purchasing decision. Therefore, positive third-party reviews not only help establish a company’s credibility, but they also help customers gain confidence in their decisions. When you steadily make the effort to manage your reputation online, your company will stand out from the rest of the competition. Simply put, it reassures customers that they are booking their travel experience with the right company and that they won’t regret their decision.

The Regiondo-TripAdvisor Connection

From now on you have the chance to connect to TripAdivor Review ExpressSince third-party reviews are critical to tour operators and activity providers, Regiondo and TripAdvisor have partnered to make the process of getting positive reviews for your business better and easier. The result of this review-collection partnership, is designed to help your business succeed by automating the process of gathering reviews.The benefits include:

  • Access to TripAdvisor’s 280 million monthly users
  • Co-branding advantages
  • Ability to create and send emails to encourage giving reviews and private feedback
  • Opportunity to build ongoing relationships with previous customers


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Top Benefits of Regiondo and TripAdvisor Review Express

Perhaps the best feature of this free marketing tool is the automation and the way it allows you to invite – non-intrusively – recent customers to submit reviews on TripAdvisor. It works like this:

Recent customers receive an email encouraging them to review their travel experience – while the positive aspects are still fresh in their minds. You also have the capability to include private surveys, which helps in acquiring confidential feedback which is necessary for providing the perfect customer experience.

Review Express also tracks emails so you won’t end up annoying customers with unwanted emails. The automated system sends one initial review-invitation email and then, if conditions warrant, a reminder email within 30 days. Customers who haven’t posted a review within 90 days will be unsubscribed. This way, you are never in danger of being perceived as “spamming” them.

In addition, with 30 language options available, you can send messages to customers in their own native languages, which increases the chances of a successful email campaign.

And Review Express offers valuable tracking capabilities. Using the dashboard, you can track total campaigns, number of emails sent, click and open rates, and total reviews. The dashboard also displays results for recent reviews and offers data and tips for more-successful campaigns in the future.


Discover how to connect to TripAdvisor Review Express today.


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Regiondo and TripAdvisor Review Express help you automate the process of collecting those critical positive reviews for your business and help you manage your reputation online. If you’d like to connect to TripAdvisor Review Express or want to know more about the connection, contact us.

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