4 Insider Tips – Prepare Yourself Now For Summer Season 2017

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Winter can be a slow time for recreation providers, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Now is the time to start with pre-sales for the summer season of 2017. Our tips will help you generate secure sales before the start of your busy season.

In this article, learn how to:

  • Get ready for the new season
  • Start generating secure sales for the new year
  • Optimally approach the pre-sale process

Squirrels gather a large supply of hard nuts in the autumn in order to prepare themselves for winter. The same principle applies to you as a provider of seasonal leisure activities.

While you overflow with bookings during the summer, the winter is often a dry spell. In order to prevent empty cash boxes during the off-season, it is important to start with advance sales for next summer.

Thus, we have compiled some valuable tips to help you make the most of your time for advance sales.


Christmas shopping has already begun, and vouchers for experiences and activities are in demand now more than ever. Offer your customers the opportunity to purchase gift certificates online. This is an excellent way to gain a safe sort of additional income during the autumn and winter seasons. Especially for Christmas, decorative gift wraps are a great way to meet your customer’s needs and ensure extra revenue for you.

Early-Bird Tickets

Customers who book their summer offers now are the loyal and valuable customers who you should be rewarding. Early-bird pricing or other special discounts are a good way to keep these customers returning, all the while keeping your revenue up during the winter. Consider offering special Christmas campaigns or family packages as a further means to an end.


During the off-season, it is especially worthwhile to make sales through your external sales partners. With the increased market range, you can leverage your potential to the fullest, making sales that would otherwise be lost.


As frustrating as it is, every now and then a customer does not show up for a booked date or does not redeem a voucher. However, since your customers have paid online for a specific time slot, you greatly limit the no-show rate and therefore the loss of income. Especially during the low season, this is particularly critical.

Now, the question is how to implement all these tips and begin making advanced sales. With Regiondo Pro, you have the perfect partner at your side. From the simple creation of value vouchers or special discount codes, to accessing more than 200 external sales partners, you will find everything you need for making successful sales during the off-season.

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