4 Tips on How to Get Your Share of Mobile Bookings

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Mobile is big, and it’s only going to get bigger. In the leisure industry alone, especially travel, mobile bookings currently account for about 40% of all digital bookings, and that is predicted to go over 50% by 2021. In order to capture this huge share of the market,  the leisure industry absolutely must cater to those people who prefer to book on their mobile devices. So what can you do to facilitate mobile bookings and offer these customers a good experience?

1. Use brief forms

Mobile devices have small screens. (Now that seems painfully obvious, but, still, we tend to forget it at times.) In addition, people use their mobile devices in all kinds of situations – walking, riding in a vehicle, sitting in a restaurant. So the booking forms themselves must be appropriately sized for mobile screens and easy to fill out.

The best course is to make the forms simple and brief. One way to do this is by omitting all the optional fields to collect only the essential information. You should also jettison all the distractions and unnecessary instructions that would clutter up a mobile screen. If the form looks too unwieldy on that small screen, users are likely to click away.

2. Ensure quick load times

ensure quick loading times

This is the era of instant information and instant gratification. And people have hectic lives with little extra time for waiting. Just consider this: 40% of consumers abandon a page if it takes more than three seconds to load (Think with Google, “Why marketers should care about mobile page speed”). So you must ensure that every page on your site for mobile bookings has a quick load time.

For fast mobile loading speed, then, your site should contain only necessary and relevant information. You should also be very careful about using a lot of data-heavy images and videos. The majority of online shoppers who click away from a site because of slow load time will never return to that site.

3. Use Google Analytics

google analytics helps you make better business choices

To improve your customers’ online mobile experience and increase mobile bookings, you also need to know where visitors come from online, how long they stay on your site, and what they do while there. Google Analytics can help you glean this vital information.

Using Google Analytics, you can learn exactly where in the booking funnel you’re losing visitors. You will be able to tell which site pages aren’t working well – the ones visitors aren’t spending time on – and so work to improve them to keep visitors on your site longer. Google Analytics will also let you know exactly how many visitors are arriving at your site from a mobile device. Our recent article on this topic can help you to master Google Analytics easily.

4. Offer different payment options and security

Vitally important for reducing cart abandonment and increasing mobile booking is offering an easy, quick, and secure payment process. Keep in mind, too, that consumers today want options, especially payment options. Typing in card details on a mobile device can be difficult, so mobile payment options are an absolute must.

Some possibilities include digital wallet solutions such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. In addition, these solutions are secure because a customer’s actual card information is never shared with a business. Instead, that information is “tokenized” to prevent fraud and minimize the effects of a data breach.

Read All About Regiondo’s Payment Options.

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At Regiondo, a premier provider of booking software, we are working hard to provide mobile-friendly booking options. Considering that in 2016, 31% of all leisure travelers indicated they had booked travel on their smartphones. We realize the importance of mobile bookings when it comes to our all-in-one booking system for tour operators and leisure providers. Mobile is coming on strong, so be prepared.

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