Five Tips To Improve Customer Satisfaction

A good product can only go so far without good customer service to match it. Great customer satisfaction can be a point of differentiation from your competitors and can reduce negative word-of-mouth referrals. It can also be a good indicator of repeat purchases.

Read these five tips and learn how you can improve your customer satisfaction and use customer loyalty as your most powerful sales and marketing tool.

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1. Your Customer Is The Boss

“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” – Henry Ford

At the end of the day, who is really paying you? Your customers. Without your customers, there would be no paycheck.

Take these simple approaches into practice:
• Keep your promises and your integrity- If you say you offer special bonuses or extras on your trips, be sure you deliver.
• Thank your customers for their business- Show your customer appreciation by thanking your guests for their business in creative ways. Send coupons and give guests a percentage off on their next booking with a special code. You can also try thanking customers by building a customer loyalty program.
• Go out of your way to help customers – Your employees should never feel like the customer is an inconvenience.
• Try to impress your customers in the same way you would try to impress your boss if you wanted a pay raise. Go the extra mile to make them comfortable and accommodate them.

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2. Build Customer Loyalty & Increase Customer Satisfaction

“You don’t earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffery Gitomer is an American author and professional business trainer and speaker who writes and lectures internationally on customer loyalty and sales. He is ranked in the top 1% of non-celebrity speakers by the National Speakers Association and he strongly believes businesses should focus on and invest in  building customer loyalty.

Here are four ways to build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction:
• Speak with customers, read reviews on your services, and gain a deeper understanding of what they want and then deliver that to them.
• Honor special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries or their membership with you if you offer this.
• Use social media as a customer service support channel. Monitor social media channels closely and reply to messages in good time. You can also set up Q&A sessions on your social media channels, surveys, and live streams to engage feedback on your services.
• Educate your customers. If you’re a tour operator, be sure to include in-depth information on your tour location and extra information.

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3.Measure Customer Satisfaction

‘’91% of unhappy customers will never buy from you again (Liveworkstudio). The number one objective of any business should therefore be to create happy customers. Businesses that do, grow and flourish; those that don’t, stagnate and perish.’’ – Userlike

Here are a few ways to measure customer satisfaction:

• Use customer surveys. Whether you run an email campaign, social media campaign, or find an online survey tool, there are always useful ways to receive feedback from your customers. Read this article on 6 ways to track customer satisfaction
• Use customer support tools with your online ticket system. Here is a list of useful customer support tools, such as live chat tools, conversation managers, and much more.
With the cooperation between Regiondo Pro and Trip Advisor Review Express, it is now easier than ever to survey your guests and collect reviews on Trip Advisor.

 Learn more about how you can connect to Review Express by following this link.

4. Survey Customers

‘’We’ve learned that businesses who measure customer satisfaction are a third more likely to consider themselves successful than those who don’t.’’ – Survey Monkey

Conducting a customer satisfaction survey is the best way to find out how satisfied your customers are with your services and products.
With this information, it makes it easier for you to identify ways to improve as well as scout out the possibility for customer advocates and brand ambassadors who stand by your product or services.

Here are a few tips for conducting customer satisfaction surveys:
• When conducting a survey, keep it under 10 questions. Be sure your questions are short and easy to understand. The shorter your survey is, the better your completion rate will be.
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5. Use Social Media to Monitor Customer Satisfaction

”Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

Monitoring your social media is another great way to learn what works and what doesn’t. It can help you keep track of both positive and negative feedback from both your audience and customers, and help you keep an eye on your competitors. It also helps you become more accurate with your marketing efforts as well as improve your customer service, and provides you with an outlet to reach millions of people worldwide.

Here are a few examples of social media monitoring tools:

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These five tips can provide you with a great start towards achieving higher customer satisfaction. Great customer satisfaction is a good indicator of a consumer having good repurchase intentions, it reduces negative word-of-mouth, and it can also be a point of differentiation.

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