7 tips for getting the New Year off to a perfect start!

After you’ve successfully made it through the year-end period, another challenge is just around the corner: keeping on top of business for 2017. To help you enter 2017 in a stronger position than ever, we’ve collected seven helpful tips for you.

In this blog entry, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make the best use of customer reviews
  • Position yourself to stand out from the crowd
  • Use simple tricks to generate more revenue online

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2016 is coming to an end and, with it, the stress of the high-revenue year-end period is slowly winding down. The developments and trends in the leisure sector over the coming year are, however, already becoming apparent. This year, over 66% of all bookings were made online – and in 2017, this trend will become even more prevalent! Moreover, the topic of ”User Experience” will become more and more relevant – ranging from a simple, uncomplicated booking process through to reviews from satisfied customers.

To make 2017 your best year yet, we’ve put together seven helpful tips, based on current trends in the sector!

1. TripAdvisor – Reviews are your most valuable tool

Your position in the site’s internal popularity ranking is essential for you. TripAdvisor generates this value based on three key factors: Quality, timeliness, and quantity. You can find full details of the criteria and an explanation of how you can ensure a high TripAdvisor ranking for yourself here.

In order to ensure that customers continue to review your services, short reminders are often extremely useful. With its “TripAdvisor Review Express” feature, Regiondo Pro provides you with the option to remind customers to leave a review via a fully automated process! This feature has two key benefits: firstly, customers are reminded of the event again, which significantly helps them to remember you as a service provider. Secondly, it increases the number of reviews, thereby helping your position in the TripAdvisor internal ranking. Consequently, you will be found online by more potential customers, without you having to lift a finger!

2. Anyone can provide a standard service – so be different!

Whether your customers are visiting for a short weekend break or have travelled half way around the world – EVERYONE wants to experience something special! However, it doesn’t take a lava-spewing volcano, juggling bears or a roller-coaster loop to keep them happy! Most people really appreciate small and preferably unexpected surprise gestures. Imagine if your customers could relive the fall of the Berlin Wall through virtual reality glasses or see a temple arise from the ruins. Give your creativity free rein in this respect!

However, even additional services, such as free Wi-Fi on a bus service, can be attractive – especially when you can use these extras to optimize and promote your services.

Today, real experiences matter – but so do the Facebook posts, Instagram photos or Snapchat stories that they generate. Use a long bus ride to collect likes from your guests, allowing you to reach more and more people, and use this opportunity to remind them of how important reviews are.

3. Make sure that customers book more than just your bestsellers!

Are some of your offers particularly popular, being booked by a large proportion of your customers? That’s a good sign in itself – but it also shows that only a very few people know your entire range.

It’s highly likely that many people simply don’t know what other offers you have available. By using “return specials” you can gradually convert your slower-selling lines into bestsellers! For example, you can offer a voucher for a 10% discount off the next tour your customer takes; or you could attach a 10% discount voucher to a newsletter sign-up, giving you a fun way to demonstrate to already-satisfied customers what else you have to offer, while maintaining important contact with your customers!

4. Take full advantage of the features of your booking software

On the other hand, there is another model that can be applied to your ongoing offers: the so-called “airline” pricing model. By using revenue management like an airline, you can match your price to demand. For instance, you could offer guided tours on Mondays for 15% less than on weekends, and draw your customers’ attention to the potential savings so that even less popular dates sell out!

5. A picture tells a thousand words

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Your service and your tours might be world-class, but if no one sees them, even the best offers will be wasted. In addition to the reviews as mentioned above, there are primarily visual requirements that your online presence needs to fulfill.

High-quality images are absolutely essential in this respect! You should favor authentic, natural images that show people in action. Once again, you can make use of your customers again – there’s always someone who never leaves the house without a professional-grade camera. After a tour, ask whether they have pictures and whether you could use them on your site. Ensure that the images convey one message over all others – “You have to experience it for yourself!” The technical term is “Fear of missing out” and, if these pictures inspire precisely the feeling, you’ve done your job!

6. Keep it simple!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Your website is your storefront and marketplace and, when all is said and done, the basis of almost every successful booking. Once you’ve established what attracts your customers to your website and used that information to make your site more visually appealing, it’s time to let the words speak for themselves.

Keep things brief and ensure that it’s always crystal clear for visitors to your site as to what they need to do next. That means: simple vocabulary, clear instructions, big buttons and, above all, complexity only where it’s absolutely necessary!

Useful tips on how to get your ticket shop up and running, with appropriate shop implementations from the last few months, can be found at here.

7. Saving the most important point for last: Figures, dates, and facts

Marketing (and online marketing in particular) can be implemented quickly, especially on a small scale, but many people also reject it. That’s why two of the most important requirements for an effective marketing campaign are persistence and accuracy.

Implementing the tips named above won’t suddenly lead to overnight success. The best case scenario is instead a process of constant evaluation, adaptation, and repetition! Accuracy refers both to how precise your message is, and how accurately you reach out to your target audience. Online tools like Google Analytics make it easy to evaluate the complete impact of your marketing measures, and in addition, we offer five effective tips to increase the number of visitors to your website.

At Regiondo Pro, we will be happy to advise you on the plethora of options that can help you and your business to grow, so join us as we start what should be a new, successful year in 2017!

P.S.: When it comes to e-mail marketing, our current blog article provides all the information you need to target your customers by e-mail and convince them how good your products are.

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