How Airgasmo skyrocketed its online bookings with Regiondo

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Airgasmo is a skydiving center based in Kitzbuhel, Austria and they are powering their online bookings with Regiondo since 2016. In order to understand their motivation for choosing us and how they grew their online bookings, we have interviewed with the general manager of Airgasmo,  Alex Thomson.

Regiondo: How / When did you realize that you needed an online booking software?

Alex: Sending emails manually and doing phone calls all the time to get a date and a time that suits the customer started to take too much of our time after a certain volume of people. 

Regiondo: How did you come across with Regiondo? Through online search? Network?

Alex: It was a recommendation from Jochen Schweizer.

Regiondo:  After implementing Regiondo, what was the biggest direct effect on your business?

Alex:  Online Bookings increased dramatically, our webshop is open all the time and available 24/7 for our customers and less work for us finding a date for them.

Regiondo: How do you deal with the seasonality of Air Activities? High and Low seasons?

Alex: In summer we work hard and in winter we rest and make plans for the coming season.

Regiondo: Are you benefiting from our Channel Manager feature? Selling your offers also on other big distribution partners helps your business?

Alex:  Yes it does,  and they can book into the same Calendar which is a great feature for us to see all the information in one dashboard.

Regiondo: Through where your customers find you most? Recommendation from previous customers, google search?

Alex: I would say from previous customers and from our Partners like Jochen Schweizer, Jolly Days, Daily Deal and Groupon.

Regiondo: How important is social media in your business? Are you actively using and promoting your business on social platforms?

Alex:  I would say medium important. We use Facebook to inform people a little what is going on, sharing photos and videos from our jumps and do the X-Mas Price giving where we have a 4000 and 6000 Meter Jump as prizes in December.

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Regiondo:  Besides online booking, which other features in our dashboard you are using most? Analytics? Gift Vouchers?

Alex: A little bit of everything but selling and planning are the most important. 

Regiondo: How is competition in your business, how do you react? How do you differentiate yourself?

Alex:  There is enough of competition out there. What we do is a lot of investment in top-notch gear keeping out Tandem Fleet young and well maintained. We have instructors with thousands of jumps that still keep learning every day to stay safe. We do also offer video and photo possibilities for our customers that are outstanding when compared to others.

Regiondo: Experiences are becoming the new main attraction nowadays, people buy experiences like skydiving, do you have plans to offer different air activities in the future?

Alex: Yes we do in the near future. We will offer Scenic Flights in Czech-Bavarian Border and to Prague.

Regiondo:  How easy to use do you find our Dashboard?

Alex:  Very easy, and on occasion, your customer service helps out excellent.

Regiondo:   Do you have any feedback for us, what we can improve?

Alex:  Keep up the good work and keep learning,  like we all do.






We want to thank Alex from Airgasmo again for his time and if you are an adrenaline junkie, we highly recommend you to try one of their tandem jumps.

Paragliding, bungee jumping or skydiving….whatever your Air Activity business is, Regiondo helps you to easily manage and promote your bookings online.  If you want to see our system in action and learn more about the possibilities, get in touch with one of our dedicated sales specialists, they are just one email away.

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