Guest contribution: The case study from the University of Applied Sciences Munich and Regiondo from a student’s point of view

What is the best way to find out what customers really expect from a booking system? We asked ourselves this question and came to the conclusion that you can only find out if you ask your customers directly. To constantly improve our system, we teamed up with the tourism students from the Munich University of […]

Strong Customer Authentication

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): All You Need to Know

Beginning September 2019, there will be new requirements in Europe for authenticating online payments. Regulators in Europe have been trying to address the growing complexities in the e-commerce fraud landscape using strong customer authentication (SCA). SCA is essentially a regulation that is intended to reduce fraud by using a uniform and “stiff” approach to authentication. […]

E-Invoicing in Italy: How to comply with the new laws (automatically)

Last year, Italy announced a new law about mandatory e-invoicing for domestic invoices. This means that all VAT-registered businesses paying tax in Italy must issue digital invoices for their products and services. So if you’re a tour or activity business in Italy, you must file digital invoices through an e-invoicing system operated by the Italian […]

Meet the Office Hero at Regiondo

As part of our series on “People behind the machine”, today we’re happy to introduce Astrid, our office hero! Astrid is everywhere! Sometimes she is doing interviews and collaborating with the CEOs and sometimes you can see her building a shelf in the corridor. She makes sure things run smoothly at the office and everybody […]

How a feature is born?

A SaaS solution like Regiondo is always developing and improving functions to meet the current needs of the market. Different niches of the activity market require different functions and modifications. Customers often request new features or the changing legal situation requires them. What might look easy from a personal perspective bears many hidden straps and […]