The Rise Of Bleisure Travel And How To Make The Most Of It (Part 2)

Bleisure Travel

We have shared the first part of Bleisure Travel article last week and today, our second article  will  share tips on how you can capitalize on this great opportunity. By knowing who bleisure travelers are and what they want, you can reach them at the right time and place with high-value, tailor-made offers. Following are some of the best ways to target bleisure travelers based on their profile and purchasing habits.



Bleisure Travel

You can advertise on travel agent networks so bleisure travelers see your offer while booking a trip. You can also partner up with related businesses like co-working spaces, transport and even restaurants. This way you can delight your bleisure customers while getting referrals and new business relationships.


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You can also create special content offers for bleisure travelers. What are the things they need to know about your city? What are the best places to stay? The coffeeshops with the fastest wi-fi? The most convenient office spaces? If you pop-up in Google while they do their research, it’s more likely that they’ll try your tour or activity and even get on your email list. This leads to the next good way to reach bleisure travelers:


If you do your research well, you can find a number of companies with dedicated bleisure policies for their employees. You might even find out if they have a client in your location that they visit often. This is especially relevant if you’re based in a large financial or business center. Find out which companies allow and encourage their employees to mix business trips with some fun. Then offer them a special newsletter with discounted packages. You might just get a spotlight feature every time someone in the company is coming your way.


You can also stay on top of relevant networking events and promote them in exchange for a mention as a sponsor. And if you have the capacity, why not organize an event yourself? This way you can raise awareness among both local businesses and international travelers.

If you’re in a location that’s popular with digital nomads, you can create a special event which can result substantial referrals later. There are many digital nomad online groups where people exchange recommendations for places around the world.


Bleisure Travel

You can also partner up with some loyalty programs, even credit cards if you’re lucky. Frequent travelers will often amass points so they might as well spend them on your tour or activity.


You can advertise on specialized blogs for bleisure, such as the Tagalong Traveler. Other channels are Facebook and especially LinkedIn, which allows you to reach people with specific job titles. Professional groups and forums online can also be a good way to get your tour or activity in front of a relevant bleisure audience.




Now that you know how to reach bleisure travelers, what are the offers that they are most receptive to?


Being millennials and digital nomads, bleisure travelers are often price sensitive. Adding juicy discounts and coupons can be a great way to entice them to come along and try out what you have to offer. If you’ve already set up your online shop with Regiondo, here’s a guide to creating your first discount code.


Bleisure Travel

The more experienced group of bleisure travelers often bring a partner or even their whole family along. For them, as well as for team retreats, it’s a good idea to set up fun group packages that come with perks like transportation, photos and videos. Many corporations will appreciate the ability to share photos and videos of their fun retreat on their social channels – hassle free. This might even get you a few backlinks and social mentions!






Of course, you also need to get the basics right which is valid for non-business travelers as well. Things like having all of your website and offers translated in major languages or at least English, as well as providing easy travel instructions are a must.

While bleisure travel is relatively new, it seems like it’s here to stay. The data and research so far indicate that the segment is growing and represents a good opportunity for tour and activity providers. As long as you reach bleisure travelers at the right time and place with the right offers, you should get a strong advantage and long-term profits from it.

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