10 years of online bookings, 10 years together!

It’s high time to announce that our company, Regiondo, turns 10!

Over the years Regiondo has established as an award-winning company for software development based in Munich, Germany. Our company was specially founded to address management and commercialization needs for in-destination tour & activity providers. Currently, more than 7,500 suppliers coming from over 42 countries reach their targets thanks to our integrated booking system.

Between 2019 and 2020 we paved the way to the establishment of our French and Italian offices, two big milestones for our company. Since then, our dedicated international team has been committed to providing our customers with our best software solutions according to the inbound markets.

The path we have undertaken together

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary we have collected some memories and thoughts about this shared path over the years which has led us where we are today. Here we can show you the most significant steps:

At present, we boast an international and dynamic team of 120 colleagues from 12 different nationalities, speaking 8 different languages. We are a cutting-edge team, passionate travelers and visionary entrepreneurs who aim at transforming innovation and technology to your advantage.

The rapid expansion of Regiondo has given every tour operator the opportunity to have access to a high-quality technological set of tools in order to manage resources and bookings. It’s of paramount importance that our partners can intercept contemporary travelers’ needs and adapt to this ever-changing scenario.

Through our technology we seek to improve our partners’ daily operations, such as:

  • Streamlining online processes
  • Implementing new features and tools
  • Broadening online channel integrations
  • Fostering analytics and data management

Together with our partners

Now we would like to leave the floor to some of our partners in order to celebrate together this achievement:

“Regiondo is ideal for every experience provider who searches for efficiency and transparency. Its booking engine simplifies sale procedures. It’s an essential added value for our company”.

Giulio Girolami – VeloLake, specialized bike travel & rental provider at Lake Garda, Italy.

“Our indoor surf center integrated Regiondo 3 years ago. Since then, we have been able to manage properly every booking slot and streamlining our all-in-one ticketing processes. It is best suited to our needs!”.

Daniel Kater – Hasewelle Sporthaus at L&T center in Osnabrück, Germany.

Towards the rebirth (and beyond)

Certainly a lot has changed since 2011 and Regiondo shows its resilience while facing current challenges. Digitalization has proved itself to be a meaningful driver which has pushed all the segment towards the online world (especially in this period).

If experience-based tourism can be seen as the driving force of modern tourism, technology is exactly its springboard.

During this unprecedented time we have taken charge of an ambitious objective: we would like to put in play all our strategies to support the rebirth of the sector, promoting a widespread digitalization and fostering an effective restructuring.

What in-store for the future?

As a wish for our first “tenth birthday”, we would like to carry on with our vision and mission, explore new markets and become a privileged reference partner towards the digital transition.

In the future Regiondo strives for consolidating its role as European and worldwide leader in our core business and establishing itself as a trusted partner, accelerator and champion into the digital space.

For this reason our team is working passionately in order to provide our customers with best tailored professional advice for every business case.

But our ambitions do not end here: we try to reach the top and namely becoming the most beloved booking engine at a European and international level, thereby improving online customer journey and leading you to the tangible results.

Becoming partner and client of Regiondo means focusing on what you care the most: your travelers and customers.

As Jochen Schweizer, founder and shareholder at Jochen Schweizer mydays Group (JSMDG), has wished us in his video: “Do not rest long on the laurels of first success but be able to question yourself to strive for excellence: in order to be the best you always need to become better”.

Here are some initiatives to celebrate our tenth anniversary together: Discover our special offer for our all-in-one booking system integration!

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