10 Creative Tour Name Ideas to Attract More Visitors

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Choosing a unique tour company name is critical for every travel business. Whether it describes the route, service or experience you deliver, a good name is very likely to increase customer engagement and interest. You will need to find words that truly reflect your values in a memorable way.

In this article, we share some great tour name ideas to give you a framework for naming your own business. You will also find some useful tips to follow when making the final decision. ‘Steal like an artist’ and craft a tour name that will make your visitors go through the roof!


Deliberately misspelling is a great idea when it comes to tour names. You can build up a word that hints the nature of the experience. Adventour is a great example of a catchy name that is at the same time memorable and easy to reference. Whether you are offering breathtaking wildlife safaris or day escapes to the world’s most exotic places, it will suit ideally for your exciting tour.

Get-a-way is a similar made-up name. Short and simple, but still nicely delivering a clear message which is setting up certain expectations.

Destination Vacation

Another type of name that would ideally suit day trips and expeditions to relaxing beautiful places. Destination Vacation is a meaningful name that delivers a clear message describing the purpose of the tour. It is also an instance of SEO friendly travel name. To find more about the importance of SEO, have a read through our latest article on tourism marketing and check your website performance with our free SEO Grader tool.

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Tip: Using rhymes is a good approach when you are a bit stuck with choosing a tour name. Rhymes make even usual words sound more appealing and unique, so why not using them to create a cool tour name? Like Sky high or Ray day. Think about the best feature of your tour and rhyme it to craft something different.

Hop-on, Hop-off

Use tour names that have already gained popularity. Hop-on, Hop-off is a good example of a common travel experience most people know about. It describes a bus tour that follows a circular route with fixed stops, allowing passengers to disembark and reboard at any stop. Fantastic choice of name for those of you who offer flexible bus tours for adventurous travelers!

Mind the Gap

Use local common phrases when organizing various city tours. They make reference to some unique cultural values reflecting the spirit and character of the city. Mind the gap is an expression every Londoner hears at least once a day. Find the distinctive notions in the area you operate and use them to describe your tour. Mind the gap is the perfect name for all types of day trips in London, especially if they include using the famous London underground.

Green Escapes

Choose a relaxing tour company name that relates to the advantages of your tour. Green Escapes is one of our favorites. It infers the nature of the journey while at the same time sets clear customer expectations. It highlights the best features of the trip and inspires people to imagine the relaxing expedition that the tour offers.

Comfort travel could be used in a similar context. If you can offer an exceptional travel experience, this tour name would definitely promote it nicely.


City Sightseeing

Choose a location-based  tour company name that is short and simple. City Sightseeing says it all. You can easily attract people specifically searching for this kind of experience. City Sightseeing Amsterdam is one of the many examples. Whether you are going to offer convenient transport when exploring the city, or selection of places that will be visited, it will do the job. This name is quite broad and would allow adding or changing some of the relevant activities in the future.

 The Landmark Tour

The Landmark Tour delivers a very straightforward message. A tour named like that could take you to an enchanting garden, popular monument, or even fortress in the suburbs. Just like our previous suggestion, it targets a specific audience with clear expectations and travel goals. This tour combines all the special places that one would love to visit when traveling abroad or exploring the local.

The Royal Route

A classy name that will be associated with a set of activities. This tour name hints exploring the cultural heritage of the specific region, in one way or another. It will attract people keen to visit everything from ancient castles and historic places to famous museums and houses. Ideal to engage all tourists interested in the fascinating stories from the past. Still engaging for the younger people who want to know more about the history and best-loved ancient monuments.

Keep Calm and Travel On

Are you trying to attract a younger audience or just want to be noticed by people spending most of their time online? Popular social terms are what you need for this purpose. Most of your customers are choosing their next travel destination or experience online. Social networks are where the actual research and planning happens.

If you want to capture this audience, create a name that contains a popular social media expression. Foodie map is a similar example that could refer to an exciting food and drinks tour.

Wander Rush, Rhapsody Travel or My Big Fat City Tour

Our final suggestion offers three different tour company names. We think one of the best approaches when choosing a tour name is creating something memorable and unique. A selection of words that sound exciting and challenging would definitely intrigue people. These names are unusual and have great potential to grow as an independent brand in the future. Give freedom to your imagination and it will pay off with an inspiring idea.

Extra Tip:  Make sure the name you choose is available as a domain name. You don’t want to end up with a great idea that cannot become something ‘bigger’.

Wrapping Up on Tour Company Names

Choosing what to call your tour or travel experience is one of the most important decisions you make for your business. To a certain extent, the name would determine further performance and success. Don’t underestimate the significance of words and the extent to which they affect customer interest. Take your time to craft an influential message locked in a few words. You will be surprised to find out how much your effort will do for the business!

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