Storytelling for DMOs: Make Your Destination Come Alive

Who knows local providers better than a DMO? Nobody! And that’s why you should take advantage of the potential of your region and benefit from storytelling. Find out why you can do so much better than global players, and how to get started right away.

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The often-untapped potential of destinations

Tourism lives from stories, experiences, and unique memories. Whether it’s a first holiday with friends, an annual family vacation, or a day trip – the memories from these experiences will last a lifetime! And not only since Jochen Schweizer & Co., “hang.” Some destinations have already implemented or planned content marketing, branding, and identity processes, but many are still shying away from the effort. Or, perhaps they’re just not aware of the potential.

A good approach, for example, is the “ring model,” developed by Tourismuszukunft. Here, a consistent overall strategy can be built from the core—or the identity—of a destination or region, and the wishes of the guests.

The service providers on-site are particularly important in this process. Often times, it’s not only the big hotels and accommodations but also the small and personal providers who offer the greatest potential for communication and differentiation of a destination.

Why can’t service providers do it alone?

Since such a large segment of service providers are individuals and small businesses, they often lack the know-how and resources to establish professional structures and implement sales processes. From our point of view, this gap provides an opportunity that too few DMOs are using for themselves, especially through the use of unique, smaller partners as an approach to storytelling. Thus, differing from the one-dimensional measurement of overnight stays, core competencies can be built with the combination of several providers.

Consequently, a gap can be closed between what the individual service provider can do locally, and what the big sales portals need. The networking of local providers creates a true core competence of the DMOs, which can only be provided through the expertise of locals. Not a single global player can be better positioned in this area—provided that the destinations have done their homework.

Why should destinations seek to sell local activities?

  • They belong to the core competence profile of a region.
  • They create a decisive competitive advantage over large providers.
  • The distribution of local activities ensures the economic survival of the region.
  • Only existing businesses need to be merged.

What do destinations need to do?

In our experience, the most important steps in the implementation are:

  • Actual analysis: Analysis of the local stories, but also the providers and their product portfolios. Too often, contact with local activity providers is inadequate or non-existent.
  • Concept development: The second step must be a coherent concept. Both in regard to the technical solution (i.e., Regiondo), and the products and training of the service providers.
  • Implementation: The implementation should take place in phases. With Regiondo, we support this process. First through a technical solution that saves providers valuable time, and also through the experience of past projects and the network of consultants and partners. One thing is important here: it is a process of change, whereby the individual providers have to be picked up and taken along on the journey.
  • Achievements: Measurability is always important to us. Together we have to ensure the conversion is worthwhile for each individual partner. More visitors, more bookings and clearly measurable sales decide on the joint success. Regiondo helps you with that – check out our sales reports and statistics!

And one more recommendation: Establish a recreational coach (or whatever you wish to call the job). A central contact person for the service providers who accompanies the training and change process—also the ideal contact person for Regiondo. 😉

Please contact us directly for an initial conversation. We are sure that your region has untapped potential that we, as partners, can successfully fulfill.

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