Grow Your Sales with Regiondo and GetYourGuide: We’re Now an Advanced Connectivity Partner

GetYourGuide is one of the biggest sales channels for tours and activities – not just in Europe but across the world. 

The Berlin-based online travel agency (OTA) has always been committed to delivering an excellent experience to its users and rightly gets more than 10 million monthly visitors across its main markets. 

Source: SimilarWeb

This is why GetYourGuide has been part of our distribution network for years now. This integration allows you to sell tours and activities on the platform using your Regiondo account. 

As of 2021, we’re proud to be awarded GetYourGuide’s Advanced Connectivity Partner Status. In this blog post, we’re going to highlight what this means and how it benefits you as an operator using Regiondo. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is the GetYourGuide Connectivity Partner Program? 

The GetYourGuide Connectivity Partner Program is designed to recognize the top ResTech providers that connect with GetYourGuide. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to continuously improve the integration with booking systems like Regiondo and deliver a better experience for both end customers and operators.

In order to achieve Advanced or Premium status, ResTech providers must show high performance in areas like API reliability, available features, and educating users about the connection in general. 

What does our Advanced Status mean for you? 

If you currently use Regiondo or plan to become a customer, this award has some important implications for you as an operator. 

Stable connection
Firstly, we achieved an average booking error rate of under 0.3% meaning that bookings you receive through GetYourGuide are almost certain to reach your Regiondo account on time. In addition, GetYourGuide visitors can see your tour and activity availability in real-time with 99.98% accuracy to avoid double-booking.

These results place us among the top 8 ResTech providers out of 150+ other partners. 

Full-featured integration
We are proud to be ranked number 1 in terms of API feature support and implementation. This means that everything this integration has to offer is covered in the Regiondo connection with GetYourGuide as seen below.


Commitment and availability in the long-run
This award comes after years of working with GetYourGuide as a distribution channel and improving our technical implementation. We’re also committed to our joint initiatives that aim to help you generate more revenue through this OTA.

As a result, you can expect our partnership to continue in the long-run with constant improvements along the way, allowing you to take full advantage of GetYourGuide’s reach and Regiondo’s booking management features. 

Start growing with GetYourGuide and Regiondo now

Are you ready to take advantage of this integration? 

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