5 Ways to Create an Innovative Tourism Experience

There are a lot of tour companies out there who have cornered an emerging market. Japan Halal Day Tours takes Muslim tourists for food tours, something that often isn’t an option for them. Recently, people have become more interested in discovering their roots. What can someone do when they find out they are 96% Polish? Many people are traveling to those places to discover their original homeland, so why not capitalize on that and show them around?

These tour companies are able to offer something that their customers may not have even known they wanted. Now they’re thriving! You’re doing well at your company, so you don’t want to take a huge risk, but you know that you can always do better. Creating a new tour for one segment of your market might be the way to do that. So what can you do to find your own niche?

Editor’s note: This is a guest contribution by Stephanie Fiero. Stephanie is the Marketing Manager for TourismTiger – the premier web design agency for tour and activity operators.

1. Add a unique element

Travelers are always looking for those Instagram moments. Everyone wants to have that perfect shot that makes their followers jealous. Give them that shot and something to tell their friends and family when they ask how the trip was. It’s great to say that you saw the Sagrada Familia, but seeing Civil War sites will give your clients the interesting stories they’re after.

2. Offer authentic, local experiences

How many times have you heard “I want to see the ‘real’ New York, where the locals are?” Probably a lot. I’m not a tour guide, and even I’m tired of hearing that one! Your tour groups most likely don’t want to accompany you to your grocery store, but they might be interested in the cafe next door or the graffiti down the street.

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3. Help your customers get the best of both worlds

Yes, your clients are looking for a local experience. But no one goes to Agra and doesn’t see the Taj Mahal. Tourists came to your area for a reason. Make sure that they get to see the tourist side as well.

For example, look at the company Trabant Berlin. They offer tours to well-known areas of Berlin, but they do it in a different way so that their clients get the best of both worlds: seeing what they’re there to see and having a unique experience.

4. Make the most of your location when designing your tour

You could have the most innovative and unique tour in your area and still be struggling with sales if no one wants your tour. It’s great to do a street art tour in a place like Valparaiso, which is covered in great art. It doesn’t work as well if you’re in a more rural location.

5. Analyze your market to find service gaps

A genius idea will help you to make more sales–if your market isn’t overrun by other tour companies with the same idea. Before investing too much time into an idea, check out the market. Google your competitors to see if they’re already offering that tour. Talk to your customers and see if they’d be interested in it.

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So there you have it, five ways to offer an innovative tourism experience to your clients. You can use these tips to modify your existing tours or to find new tours to offer. Either way, if you gauge your market correctly, you’ll be sure to see increased profits.

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