Introducing: Touch POS for Tours and Activities (by Regiondo)

Many of our customers have asked about a dedicated POS solution to streamline their in-person checkout.

Well, now this feature is a reality – today we’d like to introduce the new POS solution by Regiondo, built for the tours and activities industry.

With this new technology in hand, you get a flexible way to serve and interact with your customers in-person. This is especially useful for high-volume experience businesses like trampoline halls, amusement parks and zoos where direct, in-person bookings drive the majority of revenue.

Among other things, the Regiondo POS solution allows you to create a faster checkout and thus improve both the customer experience and the way your staff completes their duties.

Let’s dive in for some more details.


What can you do with a dedicated POS solution?

Receive bookings on multiple devices
First and foremost, this dedicated POS solution allows you to receive bookings on multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

The POS dashboard can be accessed via any browser so it’s a dynamic way to serve your customers and deliver a better experience.

For example, you can set up multiple tablets and serve several customers at a time without having to invest in expensive computers. The POS solution acts as an extension to your standard Regiondo dashboard so you will be able to check-in customers who purchased online in addition to placing new bookings.

Tablet view of the POS Dashboard

Faster checkout
With a new and responsive technology, the POS solution lets you get through the checkout process faster than ever. This means smaller queues on busy days and an improved capacity for your team to spend quality time with your customers or give attention to other crucial tasks in your business.

Improve customer experience
Ultimately, the flexibility in placing bookings and faster checkout work to drastically improve customer service and employee performance. We’re dedicated to improving this solution in parallel to our standard Regiondo system so you can expect a consistent evolution in how you serve your customers and how we meet your changing needs.

How does it work?

Single back-end, connected with your Regiondo dashboard
This new POS solution is an extension to your Regiondo dashboard and so shares the same back-end. This means you can track and manage your bookings in both systems, allowing you to check in customers who purchased online and communicate with them in real-time.

New, responsive tech
We developed this feature from scratch and used new, modern technology to make the checkout experience ultra-fast.

This allows for a slick experience on mobile devices and lets your team receive and track bookings more easily. We’re confident this addition will streamline your checkout experience to delight both your customers and staff.

Feature highlights
We’ve enabled most of the crucial functions from Regiondo into the new POS solution so you can integrate it seamlessly into your existing process.

So you can receive bookings, activate different payment methods, check availability and communicate with your customers using the POS solution.

We’ve also enabled multiple languages to help your staff navigate with ease and deliver speedy service.

The available languages when using Touch-POS

Next steps

Ready to get on board?

If you’re an existing Regiondo customer, go to and log in with your normal credentials to try out the new POS solution. Remember, you can always get in touch with our customer support team using the chat button in the bottom right of your screen.

If you’re not using Regiondo but curious about how your business can benefit from this POS solution, you can book a short demo with one of our experts to see the full functionality.

In addition, you can start a free trial of the Regiondo system where you get 30 full days to experience what our system has to offer.

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