What You Should Know About Selling On Musement

As the tours and activities market expands, several big players have emerged such as Viator and GetYourGuide. However, smaller marketplaces still represent considerable benefits for suppliers with their engaged communities and highly targeted audience.

Today we’re going to look at one of the top online travel agencies (OTA) in Europe – Musement. Specifically, we’re going to explore key facts around the platform and how to use it to your advantage. We’re also going to look at the main benefits of becoming a Musement supplier and how you can start selling your offers there today.

Ready? Let’s go.

What is Musement?

Musement in an online marketplace for buying and selling tours, attractions, and activities. Founded in Milan in 2013, it lists more than 25,000 offers for both travelers and locals to choose from. Apart from just “things to do”, Musement highlights temporary events and even free activities. Another central part of its strategy is the emphasis on buying experiences as gifts and not just for personal consumption.

What’s different compared to other OTAs is Musement’s focus on community tips from local experts. In fact, last year they acquired Triposo – a Dutch startup that curates automatic travel recommendations. The acquisition supports Musement’s goal to allow travelers to experience a destination like a local.

Backed by several European investors, Musement employs more than 100 people across its locations in Barcelona, Dubai, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and New York. With over $18 million in funding, the platform is able to serve customers in over 1000 destinations and 70+ countries.

Although relatively small compared to rivals like Viator, Musement claims to have “connected more ticketing platforms for key attractions and hidden gems than anyone else in the travel industry”. So Musement is well underway to execute CEO Alessandro Petazzi and his team’s vision to “build the best in-destination activities discovery and booking platform”.

However, with about 650,000 monthly visits and less than 100,000 total mobile app installs, there is room for growth. Musement’s main source of traffic continues to be Italy but it seems the USA is becoming a bigger focus with a monthly increase of over 30%. Other big markets include Spain, France, and the UK.

Why become a Musement supplier?

Like other OTAs, Musement’s main advantage is that it lets you reach a wider audience. This is especially true if you want to break into mobile segments and you don’t have a native app yet. Musement’s iOS application was recognized by Apple as one of the best travel apps in 2016 so the company clearly aims to be a strong mobile player.

When it comes to supplier support, Musement shines again with 24/7 availability in 8 different languages. You also get a Personal Account manager to support you in case you need help.

In addition, Musement can translate your offers for free and even optimize your content to improve search results. With a commission structure of 15% to 25%, they work in your best interest – more sales for you means more revenue for Musement.

Apart from taking care of online marketing, they also handle offline communication with customers for you. That’s an easy way to reduce the burden on your customer service team.

Musement business partnerships

With an estimated size of $135 billion globally, the tours and activities market is getting more and more competitive. As with all other OTAs, customer acquisition costs are high due to dominant players like Expedia and gatekeepers like Facebook. To tackle this issue, Musement has entered into a series of business partnerships. This makes a lot of sense because adding API integrations with partners is still inexpensive.

Musement is partnering with a range of companies such as Bókun and communications giant Vodafone. Some of the telecom’s customers in Italy get 20% off the Musement Giftbox product which provides extra brand exposure for the company.

In addition, the Triposo acquisition shot up user reach to more than 12 million travelers. As Musement’s own apps aren’t as popular, this move opens opportunities on mobile as Triposo has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Not bad for a deal that was financed with shares rather than cash.

How to sign up as a Musement supplier

Signing up with Musement is free and you can start by filling out your details on their supplier page.

If you’re a Regiondo customer, you can start selling on Musement by activating the connection from the Channel Manager tab in your account. You can also see this article on how to connect with Musement.


Although it’s a relatively small player in the tours and activities market, Musement offers many advantages to suppliers. With a range of verticals, the platform brings opportunities to target different kinds of customers. Whether you offer a more traditional experience or an exclusive event, Musement has the capacity to get you in front of the right people.

In addition, you will be treated well. Musement has turned its small size into an advantage and offers a world-class experience in terms of support and helping you optimize your listing. And with its wide-reaching strategic partnerships, the platforms still packs a hard punch when it comes to the number of people you can reach.

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