Why Outdoor Activities Should Go Digital Now

2020 was a remarkably difficult year that turned the travel and tourism industry upside down within a few months. Outdoor suppliers in rural areas were among the most heavily impacted representatives of the sector. In addition to the inability to operate during the series of lockdowns, their business challenges have taken new forms.

The good news is that there is still a lot you can do to revive your business by utilizing digital technology!

We prepared this practical advice guide for all activities and outdoor adventure providers out there that are getting ready for the post COVID era.

Read on to learn what are the benefits of digital transformation and how it can improve your customer experience and sales. You will also find out how to adapt your marketing models to the new reality and make the most of it.

Ready? Let’s go!

Opportunities for growth despite COVID-19

Once the pandemic is over, there will be many twists and turns ahead for the travel industry. But COVID-19 has also opened up a world of opportunities for small to mid-sized outdoor activity providers. What’s more – it has given businesses time to evaluate and reflect on their goals and performance.

Marketing and research

Although analyzing and planning for the future may seem difficult or even pointless right now, it is probably the best moment to do it. Perhaps you can work on the tasks and areas of your business you never had the time for. For example, improving your website or creating more content to share on social media.

Online events

Another great idea is to start networking with other people from the industry. Online travel and tourism conferences are a great place to start. Share your experiences and borrow some ideas that might make a positive difference for your company.

New digital trends

Quieter times can therefore be a good opportunity to collaborate and transform. But they have also given businesses a push to make some vital changes. Recent surveys find that responses to COVID-19 have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years. So now you also have the chance to catch up with the emerging industry trends and prepare your outdoor activity business for the future.

Why you should digitize now

The COVID-19 pandemic proved digital technology to be the key to keeping your company going during hard times. Following the massive shift in the travel and tourism industry, most activity providers turned to technology to survive the crisis.

It helped them identify new ways to communicate and engage with customers. What’s more, utilizing modern technologies allowed many activities and outdoor adventure businesses to continue operating through online experiences and digital gifts.

So if you haven’t digitalized your processes and systems yet, now you have the ideal opportunity to do so. Use the spare time to analyze and reassess your previous marketing initiatives. Also, ask yourselves what were the bold digital moves you hesitated to pursue in the past. They might help you rebuild your business around the customer and thus beat your competition.

Whether you focus on international or domestic customers, going digital would extend your reach, brand awareness, and revenue. Moreover, this will prepare you for the demand as the economy lurches back.

How Regiondo can help you digitize

Digitalization can mean anything from hosting virtual experiences and tours to selling online by integrating the internet and even artificial intelligence in your company processes. It allows you to create a smoother user journey and thus achieve better customer retention, satisfaction, and conversions. All this will not only make your brand look and feel more modern but will also help you stand out from the competition.

Here at Regiondo, we also aim to play our role in the industry’s digital transformation. The Regiondo Booking System is a powerful solution to centralize your sales and bookings management in one place.

Create offers and accept payments

Having an integrated booking software on your website allows you to create beautiful offers and accept payments securely in multiple currencies – using credit, debit cards, and PayPal, among others.


Our system gives you access to 100+ sales partners like Viator and GetYourGuide who can distribute your offers to a highly targeted audience. In addition, our handy connection to Reserve with Google allows your customers to book directly from search results.

Bookings management

You can also optimize your bookings management with our calendar feature and message your customers instantly. This process automation leads to less time spent on admin, more time for working ON your business, and higher clarity of your best sales channels and offers.

Wrapping Up

Digitalization and technologies are revolutionizing the travel industry like never before. They have been key for achieving growth and success amid a pandemic.

In fact, digital innovation will be vital for every business and industry during the next decade. So don’t postpone taking action but rather make the most of the quiet times ahead and get your outdoor activities business ready for the digital future.

And why not start with our all-in-one booking system made specifically for tours and activities?

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