10 years of online bookings, 10 years together!

It’s high time to announce that our company, Regiondo, turns 10! Over the years Regiondo has established as an award-winning company for software development based in Munich, Germany. Our company was specially founded to address management and commercialization needs for in-destination tour & activity providers. Currently, more than 7,500 suppliers coming from over 42 countries […]

boost sales with merchandise

Blogging for Tours and Activities: How to Generate Leads and Sales Using Your Blog

Today, every business needs a website to leverage its online presence.  It’s interesting to think about how times have changed. Just a few years back, most tourists made reservations for activities and tours offline. 2020 marked a change in the right direction, with online bookings now being the norm. Amid pandemic closures, domestic demand for […]

8 Copywriting Tips for Tours and Activities

After a very difficult 12 months for the industry, you’re probably now working hard to secure bookings for the second half of 2021. So, how can you stand out from a saturated market and win customers? You need to have excellent copy on both your offline and online channels. Let’s dig deeper to see how […]

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The Best Destination Marketing Resources in 2021

2020 was a tough year for destination marketers. We had to pivot from the immediate objective of increasing visits to a mid to long-term objective of raising awareness to be top of mind when people can travel.  As we see the start of vaccine rollouts around the world, we are cautiously optimistic about tourism in […]

Why Outdoor Activities Should Go Digital Now

2020 was a remarkably difficult year that turned the travel and tourism industry upside down within a few months. Outdoor suppliers in rural areas were among the most heavily impacted representatives of the sector. In addition to the inability to operate during the series of lockdowns, their business challenges have taken new forms.   The good […]

tiktok tourism marketing

How to Use TikTok for Tourism Marketing

If you have been online at least once in 2020, you will have heard of TikTok. Created as in China back in 2014, the app was then purchased by the Chinese tech giant ByteDance in 2018, and TikTok was launched! So, what is it? It’s essentially a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to […]

How to Create a Compelling Travel Brochure

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the tourism sector hard, with international and local travel restrictions limiting trips across the globe. Now that vaccination programs are underway in a number of countries, we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. With an industry-wide feeling of optimism, now is the time to analyze your […]