Influencer marketing in the leisure and travel industry – Interview with travel blogger Matthias Derhake

This week we are excited to welcome Matthias Derhake, travel blogger, nature lover, enthusiast and adventure seeker as a guest author for our blog. In our interview he shares his thoughts and opinions on influencer marketing in the leisure and travel industry with us. We first met Matthias at our second Travel Massive event this […]

Release Notes 7/16

Our IT department always works around the clock to create improvements and new features for the booking solution Regiondo Pro. Last month they created some fantastic functions, and that’s why we’d like to give you this overview of what’s new for July. Account To make it easier to work with our Channel-Manager, there is now […]

Regiondo and the Sport Pirates – making outdoor activities 100% bookable online

Adrenalin, Action and Adventure – get it all from Munich’s Sport Pirates – 100% bookable online of course. The friendly Bavarians have made a name for themselves with outdoor activities and explain how the Regiondo Pro booking system has made them even more successful than before. In this article, you’ll learn: How Regiondo Pro makes […]