Regiondo Major Update: Re-Imagined Booking Management

regiondo new booking system

Since our first release 11 years ago, Regiondo has evolved into one of the best booking systems in Europe. Today we’re seeing operators sharing in record numbers, getting thousands of bookings every week and growing their businesses together with Regiondo. More than 7,000 companies are actively using Regiondo every day to sell tickets online, boost direct reservations, and connect with leading OTAs.

Today we couldn’t be more excited to announce we’re starting a series of important refactoring updates which will bring new usability improvements and make your booking experience easy, fast, and enjoyable. Today’s update is about one of the most frequently used parts of our platform – Booking Management, which includes several pages, such as Booking Overview, Participant List, Import Bookings, and Booking Detail Page.

The new Regiondo experience is simpler, more modern, responsive and intuitive. We have been focusing on making the platform more user-centric and improving navigation, so that all important information is clearly visible and can be instantly accessed. A new, streamlined search experience will make it much easier to look for bookings and reservations, while quick actions and customizable columns allow you to view and manage your bookings more efficiently. Let’s delve a little deeper into all the new features and improvements and see what it means for your personal booking experience.

All Bookings in One Place 

When managing bookings, speed and efficiency is above all. Previously, important booking-related information could be found on separate pages. With this update, you can view your bookings, find all important details and perform typical actions from a single Booking page. Here you can switch easily between your booking and participant list, redeem product vouchers directly, add or import new bookings, and much more.

 booking list

You can also notice this change in the menu navigation: “New Booking”, “Attendee list” and “Redeem product voucher” are now a part of a larger “Bookings” section, making it easy and intuitive for you to navigate through your bookings.

This update improves navigation and allows you to focus on the most important information at a glance.

If you don’t have any bookings yet, it is now easier to start importing or adding your bookings from scratch.

Booking List Improvements

More customization & flexibility

In this release, we made booking and participant lists more customizable to match unique needs of our diverse customers. From now on, you can sort the columns in the list simply by drag-and-dropping them in your preferred order. It is up to you to prioritize the most important information!

Apart from that, you can select the columns to display in the Booking list to create your unique personalized view and hide any information you do not use.

New columns: Booking number, Check-in status and Notes

regiondo new columns

We have introduced new columns to the Booking List for you to have a clear look at all the important information on one screen:

  • Booking number. Previously the booking number could only be seen on the booking page.
  • Notes. The notes in the list are marked with a special icon. If you’d like to read the note, just point your mouse cursor to it. Alternatively, you could also read the note by opening the booking page.
  • Check-in status. Check-in is a useful feature that helps you register guests upon their arrival, create reports and collect valuable insights. With check-in status, you can quickly see the booking progress and take quick actions if needed.

Quick filters

In tour operator business, it is important to be able to act fast, especially when you are on site. Whether you are a guide organizing a city tour or a winery, you need to be able to access and perform typical actions quickly and efficiently. This is why we have introduced “quick filters”, which are designed to help you run your business smoothly.

Quick filters are displayed right above your booking and participant list and help you filter your reservations based on the most frequent case scenarios. By using quick filters, you can save your valuable time and access the information easier. However, if your search is more specific, you can still use the “All filters” button to access advanced parameters.

Quick filters for Booking list:
  • Bookings for today
  • Bookings for tomorrow
  • Unpaid bookings
  • Action is required.
Quick actions for Participant list:
  • Participants for today
  • Participants for tomorrow

Save filters

regiondo filter

Often using filters to find a specific booking or participant? You can now save filters and sorting combinations for future use! If you have filters you use frequently, filter saving will be a handy, time saving shortcut.


Filter saving is a cookie-based setting, which can only be saved on the device you are currently using. Make sure you accept the cookies before saving the filter.

Easy booking search

 search for bookings

With improved booking search, you can find your reservations faster. Start typing your search query to look for a specific customer or booking: no need to enter the complete name!

Check-In All

check in participants

To save your valuable time, we’ve added a quick way to check-in all registered participants from a specific booking directly from the booking list! Just click “Check-in all” button next to the specific booking to approve all participants.

UI Improvements

Smooth scrolling experience

In the Booking and Participant lists, there is lots of information and columns to display. Previously it was easy to get lost among multiple bookings when scrolling the table horizontally. With the new release, our tables always stick to the first columns with important booking information such as order or name, so that this information is always visible when scrolling.

Accordion structure

In this update we’ve introduced accordion structure to highlight more important information of each section and reveal more details with a click. Thanks to this structure, it’s easy for you to navigate fast to the relevant information and choose to display more if needed.

Better visibility for manual confirmation pending

When managing bookings with manual confirmation, you have multiple days to confirm or decline them. In the updated booking page, we have decided to encourage you to take this action by highlighting this action and de-cluttering the view, so that it is difficult to miss.

Booking statuses

Booking statuses (e.g., confirmed, cancelled, reservation, etc.) displayed in the Booking list now have different colors. This update will let you differentiate between statuses easier and take corresponding actions faster.

Other improvements

Imported Bookings

import bookings

From now on, it is easier to use imported bookings in Regiondo. The bookings you have imported have the same properties and features as normal bookings, they can also be filtered or modified. Upon the import, the bookings trigger typical customer reminders, tax invoices and sales receipts.

Display redeemed vouchers

With this update, it’s easier to view the number of redeemed vouchers. Just open the voucher booking page to see how many tickets have already been redeemed.

Edit customer data before booking confirmation

Previously you could only change the customer data after you confirmed the booking request, which may have led to certain issues (e.g., the customers who provided incorrect contact details may not have received email notifications about the booking). With this update, you can modify the customer data manually before accepting the booking.

Discontinued (End of Life) Features

Propose Alternative Appointment

 alter bookings

Previously you could use “Alter booking” feature to change the product or propose an alternative to this appointment to your customers.

regiondo change date of booking

In the new version, you can still change the time and date of your booking and send an automated email to your guest right on the booking detail page. However, at the moment it is not possible to change your product or suggest another alternative appointment from this section. We are planning to support this feature in the future, stay tuned!

Calendar view

Previously you could access a calendar view on the Bookings page. With this release, we are discontinuing this feature and encourage you to use our powerful dashboard calendar instead of maintaining multiple ones.


Overbookings are not displayed in the booking grid and booking detail page anymore. We are planning to improve the overbooking display in the dashboard calendar in our next releases.

If you’d like to learn more about our End of Support and End of Life Schedule, please visit our knowledge base

Webinar: New Booking Management

Would you like to see the new Booking Management system in action? Watch our on-demand webinar! In this video, our expert guides you through main improvements and showcases new features.

More updates to come!

As mentioned before, this is just the first episode of the series of important refactoring updates designed to revolutionize your booking experience. However, none of this would be possible without your continued feedback and support. We would like to thank our loyal partners and customers for being the heart of Regiondo community and inspiring us to be the best booking platform in Europe!

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