Regiondo signed a strategic partnership with Civitatis  

You want to promote your business to a wider audience? Make it visible to everyone? Let’s talk about our new partnership with Civitatis and how to improve your visibility.  

What is Civitatis ? 

Civitatis is the leading Online distribution company of Tours and activities in Spanish among the main destinations worldwide with more than 67.000 activities in 3.000 destinations spread over 140 countries.  Since its creation in 2008, more than 10 million customers have filled their trip with Civitatis. If you are looking for a bigger audience, Civitatis is made for you! 

What are the benefits as Regiondo’s user? 

Why should you choose Civitatis as a selling channel for your offers? Let’s go into four mains benefits, for you as an operator:  

  • Powerful visibility with less budget: Civitatis is an OTA, with a massive budget and a website highly optimize into SEO search, always apparearing as the first website into actvities and tours on search engines. Use this opportunity as a weapon to save your time and decrease your advertising budget. Let Civitatis’ marketing team do the job for you. 
  • Reach a massive audience: Getting listed in Civitatis, is a golden opportunity to reach customer that they are targeting. More than 3 million visitors per month are visiting Civitatis’ website. All very interested to book an activity during their holidays or want to find a new and amazing tours to do with their kids during the weekend. You can take this chance to put your offer in front of the stage.  
  • Optimize your offer and play with price strategy: You are the one who’s deciding which offer to promote into Civitatis. Select the tours and activities relevant for Civitatis’ target. You can optimize your result by proposing some packages and use a price strategy to sell more. Test and compare with your actual results, but we can assure you will be fulfilled.  
  • A customer journey optimized: Civitatis put a lot of efforts into their website to immersive the user into the best experience.  They push their website into a journey where user wants to walk around, thanks to an ergonomic design, easy to understand and refined. 

Put your company into the next level by selling your offer to a new audience. Save your time and optimize your budget to develop and dedicate more energy on other activities.   

Who will be the best fit for Civitatis?  

Obviously, operators who are selling their tours in Spanish-speaking countries will love this new opportunity, but now they are etablished all over european countries as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal… you can benefit of their 10 years of experience in online selling of tours and activities.  

You can sell more by filling last minute bookings. With our solution you can manage your sells into OTA and other channels in the same place. This booking solution will simplify your booking management, by getting all your booking in real-time.  

And the ice on the cake? Get detailed sales reports, so you know which channel is performing the best, to allocate resources efficiently.   

How can you connect to Civitatis?  

If you don’t have booking system provider: Register to Civitatis requires complex integration process, therefore it is highly recommended to partner with a sponsored booking system provider.  

We’re proud to announce that Regiondo is one of the recommended providers to connect with Civitatis, so we can help you to use this exciting channel in the most efficient way. Talk to one of our experts here. 

By integrating Civitatis in your selling channel, means that you can manage all you offer directly into your backoffice. 

If you are a Regiondo user: Nothing could be easier; all you have to do is activate this little button here  


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