Should I move my business to a professional booking solution?

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Software as a service – sound promising as it can lighten the workload of a tour operator immensely. But is an in-house development a practical solution or should you rather choose a professional booking solution?

The following 10 questions help you figure out if your in-house solution is still the right choice for you or if you should rather trust in a system of a professional provider.

1. Do my customers trust in my online shop?

An online shop needs to be one thing – professional! Flashy splash pages might look good according to your own taste, but they don’t necessarily help you generate more sales. A clean design with an intuitive menu supports your customers search on your website. This builds trust and invites people to revisit your site.

An online shop should be part of your current website without disrupting the user’s path towards a booking. An in-house shop can, of course, be adapted to your corporate identity. But a good external booking system like Regiondo also allows an adaption of the online shop to your website design.

2. Do I use all possibilities the internet offers?

A simple “Order” button that allows your customers to buy tickets and vouchers on your website is by far not the only way to increase your online sales. A professional booking solution helps you manage all of your bookings and appointments, organizes them for you and provides you with all the customer information you need.

Do you have a Facebook page? Have you ever thought about integrating a booking module in your social media network? A professional booking system offers that possibility in just a few clicks and without any extra costs.

3. Does my online shop provide all the relevant information?

Every tour operator who presents the right information in an appealing way increases his number of bookings and sales. If you don’t provide the answers to the most important questions of your customers you give away money and waste sales potential. Your potential customers want to know what they can expect from your offers. Educative texts and authentic images are fundamental for every online shop.

Since you know your offers very well you are prone to forget some relevant questions your customers might ask. Therefore you should get some professional help during the creation process. The providers of a professional booking system are experienced with customer requests and help you create the right offers.

4. Am I protected in case of legal problems?

The internet is not a legal vacuum. The violation of data security or copyright law can cause you expensive consequences. As a professional user, it is inevitable to always be up to date and ensure that any changes in legislation do not have a negative effect on your own business. Always make sure that your own system is adapted to current changes. If you use a professional booking system, an experienced team takes care of all legal issues for you and saves your time for other relevant tasks.

5. Do I meet all of the requirements of the internet?

Your competition is tough – especially online! No tour operator is able to succeed without strategic marketing measures. Search engine optimization is essential for your website to be easy to find on Google. But this process is complex and takes its time. The providers of a booking solution help you with SEO-factors and also offer you a wide range of cooperation partners to expand your reach immensely.

6. Am I able to react to customer requests immediately?

The easiest way to make an online-booking is via email request. But the expectations of your potential customers have changed over the last years. They don’t want to write an email without knowing the exact price and date of your offer or having to wait for a booking confirmation. An online shop offers your customer the possibility to book immediately and to receive a binding confirmation right away.

7. Does an online shop facilitate my work?

Managing appointments or activities with a certain number of available spots is difficult, especially when using an automatic booking system. If your system is able to calculate the remaining free spots you can avoid overbooking. That increases your customer satisfaction and spares you time and money.

8. Am I able to offer the right payment methods?

Online-payment is a sensitive topic when it comes to choosing the right booking solution. Your customers have to enter their personal data so security is the main factor in this process. The more payment methods you can offer the more likely your customers tend to book online. But the more payment methods you want to include in your online shop the more comprehensive it needs to be. A professional booking solution already offers all of these systems so you don’t have to worry about the payment process in your online shop.

9. Do I offer the service my customers expect?

Even if you have the answers to all relevant questions on your homepage your customers might still have some specific questions. Professional customer support is therefore essential to help your customers during the booking process. This also increases your customer satisfaction.

10. Can I afford it to have a professional online shop?

The more convenient a booking system the more comprehensive is the process of programming it. If you decide to develop it in-house it can get very expensive and faulty in the beginning. By using a professional booking solution you only pay a system-fee but get an experienced a running system in return that was developed according to your needs and wishes.

You are not sure if a booking solution is the right choice for you? We are happy to help you with your questions and like to offer you further information on Regiondo.

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