“Regiondo helps us to run our online business smoothly and we appreciate the great support we are getting. The efficiency of the system is worth to try.”
Cyprien FABRE

Instant communication

Whenever you sell a ticket online, the customer will receive a confirmation by email or text. This is a great way to improve the customer experience and save time doing everything manually.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are always available on your website – an ideal gift which the recipient can redeem against one of your offers later.

Sales network

You can promote your Industrial Tourism on more than 200 websites through our sales network. This means you can reach over 150 million potential customers each month and work to maximum capacity.

Pricing categories

Adjust your  pricing for children, adults or families. You can also introduce seasonal pricing to increase demand during low season.


The Booking System for Industrial Tourism can analyze your sales and customer data so you can adjust your offers when needed. Hard data is always better than guessing.

Always open for business

Your online shop is open all the time so your customers can make bookings and buy merchandise 7/24.


This is how your Online Shop could look like

Regiondo for Industrial Tourism

Powerful features that help you save time, increase sales and delight every customer
  • Reduce customer service time by 75%
  • 24 hour service for all customers
  • Up to 30% total time savings
  • Upload your own barcodes

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