How To Boost Your Sales In Spring

Spring is here and Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for the busy season in the travel and leisure industry.

Easter is the second biggest holiday period of the year after Christmas, so we’ve put together a few ideas to help you put a spring into your step and boost your sales throughout the holidays.

Find out how using themed promotions to correlate with the holidays can help your business attract more traffic and win new customers.

It’s That Time of Year Again

Every year, Spring and Summer bring an upsurge in sales for many businesses, especially those in the tourism industry working as tour operators and activity providers.

As consumers prepare for these seasons, they plan on spending their tax refunds and holiday time on well deserved vacations packed with fun experiences such as the ones your business offers.

Boost Your Sales in Spring

With the change of the season comes the need for a change in your marketing campaigns. Keep up with the holidays and the change in weather by adding bright and cheerful colors to your office decorations and marketing materials. Come up with creative campaigns that are themed around the warmer weather, spring cleaning and special holidays. Everybunny loves a sale, especially around Easter time. See what I did there?

Here are a few types of campaigns to help you get started:

Types of Campaigns


  • Time Sensitive: “Want to explore Rome the Italian way? Get 10€ off your next Vespa rental if you book before 3pm today!”  This is one of the most common types of promotions. They end quickly or are only available for a specific amount of time, either days or hours, which makes them time sensitive and creates urgency for the consumer to book.
  • Special Code: “Use the code DAD17 when you book your next sailing trip online before Father’s Day and receive 20% off!” This is a more exclusive promotion that is only offered to your subscribers (email, text, social media followers). To ensure that only specific groups of loyal customers receive it, ask them to use the special code at check out.
  • Happy Hour: “Beat the Summer Vacation rush and get rewarded. Book a tour on any weekday during 5-6pm before June 1st and receive 30% off your entire booking.’’ Happy hour is a common type of promotion. You can be flexible with it and promote it as a daily special during a specific amount of hours of the day or whatever may fit your business best.
  • VIP Exclusive Deals: “A VIP Member Exclusive: ‘’Visit Munich Massage in April or May and receive 30% off a massage for a friend on week days only. Be sure to show our front desk this message to get your Mother’s Day Special.”


Easter is later this year, but that doesn’t change the fact that Easter and Spring Break kick off the beginning of a new season after the post-Christmas slump. Consumers are now planning their vacations and choosing not only where they will go, but what they will do when they arrive.

A Spring Break and Easter sale can be a great way to lure new customers in and show appreciation for your current customers. A good way to win some extra business on Easter weekend is to think carefully about your target groups. Easter usually means that families are coming together to celebrate the holiday and spend quality time with one another.

Make your offers appealing to the many families who are looking for a fun way to celebrate together. Decorate for the occasion and make sure your store is bright and colorful. Try hosting an Easter egg hunt on one of your tours or at your zoo. You can also try hosting an egg-decorating contest or give out candy.

Earth Day

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22 and it brings your business the perfect opportunity to emphasize your commitment to sustainable travel. Sustainable travel is one of the top tourism trends for 2017, therefore this is one holiday you should definitely not overlook. Show your commitment to protecting the environment by hosting a fundraiser or having your employees plant trees.

This year, NASA is letting people adopt a piece of planet Earth and put their name on it. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take pictures or shoot a small video and share it on social media and use a trending hashtag or create your own unique hashtag.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Many businesses see an increase in sales during the days leading up to Mother’s Day, May 14 this year. Appeal to the consumers wanting to give that special woman in their life a unique gift. What’s more exciting than giving mothers the gift of flying with a paragliding flight, or giving mom a well deserved massage or spa day? Or how about a Mother’s Day special on wine tours? The same goes for Father’s Day, May 25, you can always find a way to market for any holiday. Give fathers a special price on a skydiving jump, or a sailing tour or fishing trip.Consumers will buy your offers if you know how to appeal to them. Create a marketing campaign geared towards these holidays. Embrace the importance of family and Mother’s  & Father’s Day and you are more likely to get the attention of consumers and boost your sales.

Let Us Know, What Do You Think?

As the weather warms up and international travel surges, business usually picks up for tour operators and activity providers. By taking advantage of multiple Spring holidays, your business can attract more customers and boost sales.

Contact us and let us know if this article was helpful, or if you have any other topics you’d like to hear about. We’d love to hear from you!