Interview with Frank Westphal, Managing Director of Berlin Water Sports and Service GmbH

We can only improve if we know the needs of our customers. We want to understand even better how our customers improve their online shops and why they have chosen Regiondo as their booking solution. In addition, personal contact with our customers is important to us and an integral part of our mission. We met Frank Westphal in Berlin and talked to him about his company “Berlin Watersports and Service GmbH (BSWG)“.

The BWSG is a shipping company from Berlin Köpenick. They offer not only individual and exclusive charter trips on the Berlin waters, but also catering and accompanying event organization on a skipper’s bistro on request. If you have always wanted to go on the water through the center of Berlin, we recommend you to check one of their daily city tours on the Spree. They have been using Regiondo’s booking solution since the beginning of the year and we have asked them how they have fared so far:


The Regiondo Booking widget on the website of the BWSG

Das Regiondo Widget beim BWSG

Website of Berlin Water Sports and Service GmbH 

Regiondo: How did you start your business?

Mr. Westphal: The company began twenty years ago with two founders and two ships. At that time there was also a shipyard of its own in Berlin-Köpenick, which unfortunately no longer exists. When I started, the team was three people. Meanwhile, we employ 21 employees in the season and our 20th company anniversary is just around the corner.

Regiondo: Can you tell us more about your passion for your offerings or the leisure industry in general?

Mr. Westphal: We pursue our strategy of success in the leisure industry in three business areas. The core business of our company is the scheduled and charter trips with our ships AC Bärliner, MS Belvedere. MS Babelsberg and the motor yacht MY Casino. In addition, we offer a wide range of maritime services at Marina Wendenschloss. Among other things, moorings for motorboats and boat rental. In the business area BWSGMarine we sell motor boats and engines in the lower and medium price segment.

Regiondo: What are the most important aspects for you, whereby a company can grow in your industry?

Mr. Westphal: In order to adapt to the needs of customers, one must always keep an eye out for changes and keep up with the times.

Regiondo: How did switching to an online shop or booking software help you?

Mr. Westphal: Our aim was to minimize the administrative effort for us. In order to achieve this as quickly as possible, however, we wanted to avoid developing our own booking solution, as this always entails financial and time risks.

Regiondo: What positive changes have you seen since using Regiondo?

Mr. Westphal: The clear presentation in the booking system and the associated handling of our processes is very easy for us to understand. We also benefit from the connection to various sales channels, especially BerlinOnline.

Via BerlinOnline it has been possible for some time now to bring bookings from your Regiondo Dashboard directly to the website and offer them to potential customers. BWSG has benefited greatly from the offer and has already been able to sell a large number of tickets.

Regiondo: In your opinion, are there any other advantages of Regiondo?

Mr. Westphal: Regiondo is cheaper than its competitors thanks to the total package of booking solutions offered. Regiondo’s customer service is also important to us. This has always been very positive for us.

Regiondo: What are your favorite features of Regiondo?


Regiondo: What are the hopes for your company in the future? Where do you see yourself in a year or five years?

Mr. Westphal: Our hope lies above all in the direction of progressive digitization. We want to further increase our online sales, more ticket bookings in advance and a higher proportion of cashless sales.

Regiondo: Thank you for your time and the insightful information, Mr. Westphal.

Mr. Westphal (center) with Regiondo employees Michael Weinmann and Sascha Boldt

Mr. Westphal and his company Berliner Wassersport und Service GmbH are only one of our diverse customers from the leisure industry. Are you also part of the leisure industry? Surfing, wellness or outdoor activities, whatever your water sports business is, Regiondo helps you to easily manage and promote your bookings online. To see our system in action and learn more about the possibilities, contact one of our dedicated sales specialists, who are just an email away.

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