Calendar refresh: new design and 5 functions to improve your process

The calendar function is one of the most important ones in our booking solution. In order to make the information you need more accessible and clearer, Regiondo offers a new calendar design with a lot of new functions. Check it out and manage your business efficiently!

Overview about the improvements:

  • Hide the navigation and switch to full screen mode
  • Distinguish past events easily from future events
  • Customize your individual overview
  • Display booking notes within the calendar
  • See appointment details at a glance


The responsive layout that auto-adjusts to your screen size becomes even better! If you don’t need to use the navigation of your dashboard, you can easily hide it to see your calendar in full screen. Also it is possible to scroll endlessly while the date display remains static to ensure a good overview at all times . You can find a lot of new functions and options on the top of your calendar view. This function enables you to focus on your next appointments! Hamburger button to switch to full size modus


Getting a quick overview of your upcoming appointments is essential for a smoothly running business. Your past appointments are displayed in a lighter color than future ones. This helps you to see rapidly which appointment is next.


Use the new possibilities to select the perfect overview for your business. You can choose between table view, calendar view, and resource view. You can also switch between day view, week view and month view. With the new smart navigation it is very easy to switch modea whenever you need another view. The calendar has a lot of different options to create the ideal view for your business!

The whole calendar is simpler to handle than before. You can click on every date in your overview and you can show every week, month etc. you would like to see.

In addition to your individual calendar view, you can easily customize the colors of your dashboard calendar too. That means you can control your overview much better with individual colors for the capacity, categories, assignee and products. We created a short knowledge base with an introduction how to customize the colors of your calendar: Click here!


A running tour and activity business needs a lot of information to delight its customers. It is important for you and your employees to have a quick access to this important booking information. For example, when you run guided city tours, it is important to let your guides know about a customer special need or preferences. For these cases, we developed a new connection between the notes you can add to individual bookings and the calendar. Now the calendar displays the aggregated booking notes when you mouse over the top right corner of the appointment.

To create a booking note, go to your bookings and simply enter it. And if you want to activate or deactivate the notes you just have to go to your calendar settings to do so.


To get more information about your appointment, you can easily click on it to open a pop up with all details at a glance. In this view you can see the following information:

  • Time of appointment
  • Number of bookings
  • Event capacity
  • Assignment

You will also find quick access to your regular functions such as : add booking, view participants, alter appointment, cancel appointment.
In addition you can assign a guide to the tour or have a fast access to the list of participants.


More information about the calendar?

Take a look at our knowledge base for more information around our calendar function. Click here to get an overview of calendar articles.

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