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10 Key Steps to Reopen Your Tour or Experience Business

As Europe moves towards the end of a series of lockdowns, countries are slowly easing measures and getting ready to restart the Travel & Tourism sector. Although many operators are still in winter sleep, the business is preparing to return to full speed, stronger than before. We created this checklist to help tour and activity […]

Why Outdoor Activities Should Go Digital Now

2020 was a remarkably difficult year that turned the travel and tourism industry upside down within a few months. Outdoor suppliers in rural areas were among the most heavily impacted representatives of the sector. In addition to the inability to operate during the series of lockdowns, their business challenges have taken new forms.   The good […]

Should You Continue Marketing Despite COVID-19?

As a global health crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic has had vast economic and social implications. The coronavirus outbreak turned businesses upside down and forced companies to rethink their strategies and plans. While all sectors of the world’s economy were somehow affected by the pandemic, the hospitality and leisure industries have been hit particularly hard. Consumer […]