innovative tourism ideas

10 Ideas to Help Differentiate Your Tours in 2019

Whether you’re in the start-up phase or you’re entering year 10, running your business requires innovative tourism ideas to remain competitive and take advantage of current travel trends. You need to be ready to give travelers around the world what they’re looking for when they book their next trip. From providing the tours your customers are […]

How a feature is born?

A SaaS solution like Regiondo is always developing and improving functions to meet the current needs of the market. Different niches of the activity market require different functions and modifications. Customers often request new features or the changing legal situation requires them. What might look easy from a personal perspective bears many hidden straps and […]

valentines day sale ideas

How to Maximize Sales Ahead of Valentine’s Day

About 25% of Valentine’s Day gifts are experiences rather than things and that contribution has grown steadily over the years. This is good news for tour and activity companies. As couples increasingly prefer to spend the holiday doing something fun together, there are new opportunities to serve this market. And it’s not just on the date […]