activity booking software regiondo release notes

Release Notes 6/17

It’s the little things in life- like the sun shining, landing the perfect parking spot in a crowded city, and finding the perfect booking software for activity and tour providers. That’s why we pay attention to the smallest details and work day-to-day to improve our booking system to provide you with the best experience. See […]

Release Notes 7/16

Our IT department always works around the clock to create improvements and new features for the booking solution Regiondo Pro. Last month they created some fantastic functions, and that’s why we’d like to give you this overview of what’s new for July. Account To make it easier to work with our Channel-Manager, there is now […]

Release notes 5/16

We’ve been working hard to improve the booking solution Regiondo Pro and make it even better than it is. We proudly present the latest features and technical developments added in May. Technical developments The email parser is a brand new tool that allows you to integrate bookings from external platforms like GetYourGuide or Viator into […]