7 Last-Minute Tips for a Successful Holiday Business Season

There are now less than fifty days until Christmas. That means it’s high time to start up Christmas sales. Our checklist offers seven helpful tips for maximizing business during the holiday shopping season and even other times of the year.

Christmas is just around the corner, and your customers are on the prowl for gifts. What better for you to offer them than vouchers for tours and activities? Since it can be hard to find time around the holidays these days, many customers buy their gifts online.

In order to make the best out of the Christmas shopping season, your offers therefore need to be bookable online. We’ve put together a checklist of 7 tips to help you increase holiday business and generate significant revenue for the season.

1.Holiday offers

Make special holiday offers available, like guided city tours that include glühwein (or punch for children) and gingerbread. These types of offerings make for popular family activities, particularly right before Christmas.

2. Gift vouchers

Vouchers for leisure activities are always in high demand at Christmas time. Stay abreast of the times by making your offers available in voucher form. Decorative gift boxes are also a great idea here to boost holiday sales.

3. Company events

The time before Christmas is rife with office celebrations. Team-building events and activities that are out of the ordinary are always popular. Use this opportunity to come up with a special offer just for these target groups. You’ll quickly notice that December is the peak season here.

4. External sales partners

Increase the scope of your offerings and use partnerships to reach even more customers. This will help generate additional revenue over the holiday season.

5. Adventure portals

Have your offers listed on bigger portals like Viator or Musement. Around Christmas, customers will be searching here for the perfect gift, or for inspiration for the same.

6. Discount campaigns

Give your Christmas revenue a boost with extra discount codes and campaigns. This discount should last until a little after the holidays for the benefit of latecomers.

7. Your own online shop

Use an online booking system like Regiondo Pro, so that your offers and vouchers can be booked directly through your own ticket shop around the clock. This takes the load off of you so you can start kicking back and enjoying your own merry Christmas. Still don’t have your own ticket shop? We’d be happy to advise you on your options in a one-on-one chat, and help you get a direct start on your Christmas sales.

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