5 Tips & Tricks to design your products for Chinese tourists

Guest Post by Dr.Berenice Pendzialek, Specialist for Chinese tourists

1. Online to offline (O2O) possibilities are must

Chinese Tourists


Connectivity is really important. The number of Chinese tourists in the EU has tripled in the last ten years. Offer free WiFi in attractions, buses and everywhere possible. Also, let your clients where they can have free internet access at the destination. By doing so you not only allow them to share their experiences with family and friends but also to become your label´s ambassador.

You can also display QR Codes, which lead to extra information available on your digital channels, next to products or on printed materials. Say you talk about a local delicacy, after the tour you can invite your clients to visit your Chinese website or social media channels by scanning a QR code. And don´t worry Chinese embrace the use of QR Codes way better than their Western counterparts.


2.Creation of photo opportunities

chinese tourists

Photos, same as for tourists of other nationalities, represent more than words and are the proof of visitation. Thes days Chinese visitors aren’t just interested in shopping, but as well they want to get know more about the culture and the countryside. Therefore, always point out the best spots for photos and plan enough time for photo taking. If dealing with large groups, make sure to promote a group photo together.

3. Guidance and clarification

Especially for newcomers, the tour guide/leader still plays a crucial role. Chinese want to have a feeling of security and this is achieved by giving clear directions, emphasizing meeting times and providing around the clock support. It is also important to share information of what to do in case of a medical emergency (which is, for example, one of the main concerns of group / elderly travelers when traveling abroad).

For both new and experienced travelers during an outdoor activity (in which everyday situations of local people are involved), you might want to share tips of what is the typical life of a local in your destination. Be prepared to receive quite personal questions while doing this, for example, about your job, income, marital status, etc.

4.Eating rituals

chinese tourists

When organizing dinner for less experienced Chinese travelers, a buffet style with samples of local delicacies is always welcome. Give short introductions of the dishes and allow time for photos. Individual travelers are more foodies, many know in advance, what they would like to try from a destination or actively ask for recommendations from the staff or their friends back home. A common activity is to take a photo of the menu and ask their contacts in WeChat for advice before deciding what to eat.

In the Chinese culture, eating plays a central role. It goes beyond the physical need but means to share a good time. Try to give to your customers a feeling of enjoyment and learning while eating. It is also recommended to have the name of a good authentic Chinese restaurant at hand, you never know when your Chinese clients have cravings to taste home away from home. This request can be expected from travelers having long stays abroad.

5. Relationships that last

Chinese Outbound tourism is one of the biggest in the world, so make sure to foster relationships after the tour or activity. In digital times, you might want to have a QR Code, of your WeChat account for example, printed on your name card. In this way, one customer journey ends, but it can be the start of many more thanks to online word of mouth.

Now you have China-friendly products ready, but how to let Chinese tourists know about them and what digital touchpoints are there at your disposal? In the last blog entry, it will be discussed how to reach Chinese tourists online before visiting a destination.



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