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Advertising was yesterday! Today, high-quality content is a valuable asset when it comes to attracting customers and retaining long-term loyalty. You do not want to sell but entertain and inform – for example, through blogs and videos.

In this article you will learn:

  • Why content marketing (CM) is important to the leisure industry
  • How to create unique content and which content is especially useful
  • How to measure the success of your CM strategy

Content Marketing is a new form of online marketing that has absolutely nothing to do with advertising. Why? Because advertising’s goal is to offer a product or service and to sell something. In addition, advertising usually interrupts what we actually want to do: watching TV, watching a video, or reading something. That is why advertising is so annoying.

Content marketing works differently – it is about content that your customers actually want to read and view because it is entertaining and provides useful information, without doing a “hard sell.” With such content, you establish yourself as a brand with expert status with your prospective customer base and attract additional users through high-quality content and storytelling.

To Create Unique Content

Most importantly, your content is “unique”, which is unparalleled. First of all, the Google algorithm, which provides the search engine ranking, ensures that the text of a website is not possibly copied from another source. But, your visitors will also appreciate unique content if it is informative, entertaining, and tailored to their interests. How do you create high-quality and unique content? And what kind of content is particularly suitable for the leisure industry? The following expert tips will help you.

Tip 1: Self Made is Always Better!

There is certainly the possibility to hire agencies or professional copywriters for the content creation for your website. However, self-made content suggests that the content is “off the shelf,” and for two reasons. Firstly, as the creator of the content, you are closer to your target group and can better assess what your potential customers want and what they expect. Secondly, you bring the necessary experience to generate content with thematic added value. Use this know-how!

Tip 2: Knowledge is Power!

Before you begin to create content, you first need to do thorough research. Who do you write for? Who is your target group? Where do they like to go online and which content do they like? All these questions need to be answered before you can get off to a good start. Our Tip: Use Google Trends to find out which relevant thematic key terms are trending. Also, look at blogs from similar companies. The content of the competition can often be inspiring.

Tip 3: The Mixture Makes It

There are many types of content. Classic and common are text contents in the form of articles, blog contributions, eBooks, white papers, or expert interviews for example. In addition, there is also a whole range of graphical and interactive content that you can incorporate into your strategy. Videos, for example, are very popular with users. Or, how about a fancy infographic, a small online game, or a lottery? The possibilities are almost unlimited and there is plenty of room for experiments. What is important is that you stick to two basic rules when creating content:

  1. Ensure that your content is tailored to the interests and needs of your visitors and is themed within that framework.
  2. Take the ”Mobile first” rule of thumb and optimize your content for mobile devices. Already today, users see a large part of the available content exclusively on smartphones and tablets.

Content Ideas for the Leisure Industry

Especially for the travel and leisure industry, there are some interesting content types and themes that your content could turn into. Here are just two suggestions:

  • Travel Reports: Blogs are an excellent way to share private travel experiences or sum up an event. Your readers are addressed by the personal touch and experience of the excursion almost first-hand. This effect will increase if you include a video blog (Vlog) instead of a text-based blog.
  • Travel Tips and Event Tips: Personal city guides are the ideal content for travel agencies. Your readers will gladly follow you to remote places and are always grateful for insider tips around their excursion destinations. Please note, however, that specialization is the motto here because travel guides are as plentiful on the Internet as sand is on the beach. Therefore, find a topic that is appropriate for your target group. For example, “Paris for lovers” or “Prague for adventure lovers” or “The five best music festivals in Germany.”

How to Measure Your Success: The Most Important KPI

If you want to find out how good your CM strategy is, you should carry out a comprehensive analysis of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These are the criteria by which you can read the success of your actions:

  • Additional Site Traffic: How many visitors has your content lured to your site?
  • Sales and Conversion Rates: How many users signed up for a newsletter or registered for your service? How many of those users have actually bought something?
  • Google Ranking: How well do you rank among the most relevant keywords on Google? Where does your SEO content technically rank?

This way, you can quickly find out what kind of content your users are talking about and which contributions have brought you a lot of traffic. However, you should pay attention to the fact that individual KPIs should be assigned to a specific contribution. Otherwise, your analysis will be diluted.

And that’s all! With a little pleasure in experimentation and a healthy dose of creativity, you will soon be able to provide high-quality content to your customers. More on the subject of content management and some of the most common software solutions can be found at trusted.

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