Greater reach and increased revenue – the Channel-Manager makes it possible

To really get your business off the ground, it’s important to have a presence on distribution portals like Viator. With its Channel-Manager, Regiondo has developed a new tool that helps you to market your offers via a range of different distribution partners.

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • Extend your reach with our Channel-Manager
  • Enjoy all the benefits that external distribution partners have to offer
  • What options the Channel-Manager provides

Reading time: 3 min

You’re already doing everything right by distributing your offers via your own website – but the competition never sleeps! That’s why it’s worthwhile to ensure that you’re always expanding your distribution network so that you can reach even more customers.

In particular, established platforms like the TripAdvisor subsidiary, Viator or Musement are effective partners, as their reputation attracts large numbers of visitors. By working with these portals, you will increase the popularity of your own website, and similarly, your revenue will also increase.

However, this does entail a substantial organizational overhead, particularly if you have a presence on multiple portals. In order to reduce your workload as much as possible, the Regiondo Team has developed the Channel-Manager.

The functionalities of the Channel-Manager

This feature makes it possible for you to sell your services automatically via Regiondo’s over 200 distribution channels. That extends your reach on a national and international scale and will attract many new inquiries and customers.

Using Regiondo Pro means that there is no additional effort required on your part, as all bookings are taken automatically via the reservations software using one single account. In addition, you save yourself the effort of entering and maintaining your offer manually for each new distribution channel, as Regiondo Pro automatically updates your offers in real time. The availability of various time slots is also updated continuously, so that overbookings are a thing of the past. You can therefore lean back and relax, while the online booking tool discreetly and reliably does its work and the portals sell on your behalf.

How to use the tool


In order to use the Channel-Manager, you must first log in to your Regiondo Account, where you will find the “Distribution Channels” feature under the “Manage offers” menu item. Once you’ve opened this feature, you can start by selecting which new distribution platforms should be activated automatically.

In addition, you can view each distribution channel individually and activate or deactivate them. Under “Edit” you can additionally specify precisely which offers should be sold via a particular distribution channel.
As soon as you have activated these presets, your offers will then be marketed via your selected distribution channels. Naturally, you can change these settings again at any time. At Regiondo, we always strive to ensure that your online shop improves continuously and secures even more work for you. Thanks to the Channel-Manager, you now have access to Regiondo’s extensive distribution network, allowing you to increase your range and your revenue while reducing the effort required, as the system does all the work for you.

Would you like your own online shop to extend your reach and increase your turnover? We’ll be happy to give you the information you need with a no-obligation discussion.