How To Define The Right Add-On Products

define the right add ons

Merchandising products are a great solution to improve your business profit margin beyond your core offers and services. Learn how to apply the correct approach and define the right products for your merchandising to be a success.

Learn how to define the right products for add-ons, and make your offers more appealing by utilizing our new merchandising feature.

What Customers Really Want

For effective add-on selling, you’ll need to thoroughly understand your customer’s needs. Your merchandising products should be more of a solution, rather than simply another sale. This way, you can help your customers discover things they actually need.

Consumers are turned off by irrelevant add-on products and are more likely to abandon their cart when presented with these suggestions. When in the buying process, your customers are more likely to buy items which will make their trip more enjoyable, safe, comfortable and memorable.

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Defining The Correct Items

In some cases, the needs of your customer may be evident – such as offering a GoPro & a helmet to your desert quad tour. But there may be instances where a little bit of research could help you define the right products. This can be done through questionnaires & surveys, or by simply engaging your customers in a conversation to find out their needs.

Before you present your customers with add-on suggestions, ask yourself if the item is truly relevant and useful. When providing customers with add-on choices, be sure to give an explanation for each item and explain the value of each one.

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Possible Add-On Items

As a tour and activity provider, you may offer many services beyond your main product. Here are a few ideas you can begin to use as add-on items to increase your revenue.

  • Photos & Videos – If you’re a provider of outdoor adventures, offer fun rides at a theme park or are a tour provider for safaris and zoos, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Offering videos and photos along with special frames are the perfect souvenirs for your guests to take home. With your photos and videos, customers can share the funny look on their face during their roller coaster ride, see their thrilling rafting tour from an outside view and take home a snapshot of themselves next to beautiful and exotic animals to share their experience with friends and family
  • Extra Equipment-Depending on the nature of your offers, extra equipment such as maps, helmets, wetsuits, gloves, umbrellas, rain ponchos, rain boots, climbing shoes, snowshoes, climbing harness, and chalk bags may be necessary. Give your guests the option to bring their own equipment or rent or purchase some from you. This is not only beneficial for guests having their first experience with your activity, but also for experienced guests. Some may be experienced in a certain activity and have their own equipment, but sometimes bringing that equipment on a trip is not possible and renting is easier.
  • Cameras– An adventure camera is a great add-on to any activity outdoors. POV videos are the best way to relive an adrenaline rushing experience such as bungee jumping, a rodelbahn ride, rafting, and paragliding.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to offer items which remain relevant, provide a solution for your customers and give more added value to the trip.

The Benefits of Add-Ons

In the end, there are two primary benefits and goals of your merchandising products- first, it will increase the total purchase amount. Secondly, it will also increase your customer satisfaction. Customers view your business and customer service in a positive light when they find your suggestions are helpful. Your tours will be more of a resource for good advice and useful information, rather than just another tour.

How Regiondo Can Help

Many tour and activity providers add on extra items to their offers, but this can become expensive and difficult to manage alone. With Regiondo, we help you manage everything in one place, as well as your add-on items.

Regiondo’s Merchandising feature is a great way to drive incremental and impulse purchases once customers are already in the shopping cart.
Providing add-on options can help you build deeper relationships with your customers and deliver added value to your offers. With increased profit and added value through add-on items, both you and your customers win.

Let Us Know, What Do You Think?

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