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You can’t manage what you don’t measure! We created a lot of different options for you to analyze your business effective and clearly arranged.

Sales Reports and Statistics

Do you want to know how much traffic you gain with your ticket shop? Or do you want to have a quick overview of our sold tickets and your revenue? We created a clear overview of your statistics at a glace such as the location of your customers or the average booking lead time.
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Our Booking System Analytics help you Import or Export information such as calendar bookings.

Export your individual statistic reports

Import or Export information such as calendar bookings or a customer database. Also, you can create your own lists and reports individually for your business. This will allow you to analyze data in other software such as MS Excel.

Real-time statistics

Get a real-time view of your events, available tickets sold and validated tickets for every event. To manage big events won’t be an obstacle anymore. In addition to this feature, you can use the Regiondo scan app to validate tickets at your events.

You can easily integrate Google Analytics into your booking system analytics for a complete overview of your business.

Google Analytics

The easy-to-integrate Google Analytics tool provides you with essential information for optimizing your offers. This way your portfolio of offers is better suited to the needs of your customers- and your profits reflect it.

Analyse your reviews

Regiondo offers you a review system for your ticket shop. Your customer will receive an email to review right after the event. With this reviews, you are much more able to analyze your customer satisfaction!

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