Manage Bookings

Your whole team can access the Booking System for effective collaboration


With the practical calendar view it’s easy to keep your appointments and bookings in sight at all times. The quick overview allows you to maintain optimal occupancy and an efficient daily schedule. You can also synchronize your existing Apple, Google or Outlook Calendars.

Manage your appointments and bookings with the booking system calendar.

Manage offline bookings and enter reservations through the booking system.

Offline bookings

With offline booking you can quickly and easily enter reservations made via email or telephone into your event calendar. For every time slot, the space remaining will automatically be updated, making overbooking a thing of the past.

Advanced bookings

Need time to prepare leisure activities for your
customers? With Regiondo’s booking system you can set individual deadlines for all of your events, determining how far in advance customers have to book.

Enjoy the power to manage events in advance with the booking system's advanced bookings feature.

Regiondo's booking system helps you by automatically preparing participant lists upon bookings.

Participants list

Even while the booking process is still ongoing, Regiondo can automatically prepare a participants list. That way you save the hassle of laboriously entering each expected participant manually.

Customer Communications


With the messaging function, your customers can contact you directly. Individual questions can be answered quickly and clearly so that your events can be booked without a problem.

SMS Notifications

The quickest way to manage your reservations: with Regiondo, you’ll be informed of reservations via SMS and can immediately send confirmations,
with or without internet acceess.

Multi-User Access

With multi-user logins, every employee has their own account with specific functions. Anyone can pull up current appointments to stay informed about the current situation, helping your team work better together.

Entry Management

You can transform your smartphone into a powerful ticket scanner with Regiondo's booking system.

Scan Apps

With the Regiondo Vendor App you can transform your smartphone into a powerful ticket scanner, enabling you to ensure that tickets are used appropriately. You can also use other scanner apps such as QR Code or PassWallet.

The booking system also includes the possibility to use a hand scanner.

Windows Scanner

With your hand scanner – and the corresponding software – tickets can be scanned quickly and easily on location.

Scan your tickets on location by uploading your own barcodes to your Booking System.


Regiondo allows you to upload your own barcodes in your Booking System. Your tickets can be scanned on location as usual without any additional effort.

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