Made for the leisure industry!

The Regiondo booking System is grown with us and our customers over the last years. We are proud to say that we evolved a lot and are always taking care of our customers needs to improve our booking solution. The result is great and still ongoing!

Dashboard calendar

With the practical calendar view, it’s easy to keep your appointments and bookings in sight at all times. The quick overview allows you to maintain optimal occupancy and an efficient daily schedule. Manage your appointment the way you are used to. Use a different kind of views and colors. In addition to the clear overview, you will find all important information about the next appointment such as participants and guides in your calendar item. You can also synchronize your existing Apple, Google or Outlook Calendars.

Manage bookings

Managing bookings is one of the key features of our booking solution. In the process of time, we added a lot of functionalities to our solution.

With our Point-of-sale (POS) booking function you can easily add new bookings, create vouchers and reservations just in front of your customers and in advance. Cancel and alter your bookings or reservations if necessary and leave a note for your colleagues to communicate the changes. Create categories to manage your bookings even better and faster. With an offline booking, you can quickly and easily enter reservations made via email or telephone into your event calendar. For every time slot, the space remaining will automatically be updated, making overbooking a thing of the past. Regiondo is your all-in-one system to manage your bookings.

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Guides, locations, vehicles or special equipment which are directly connected with your activities and dashboard features such as your calendar. A resource is something that can be assigned to your products to help organize availability and prevent potential overbooking. That makes it easy to manage them and save a lot of time!


With multi-user logins, every employee has their own account with specific functions. Anyone can pull up current appointments to stay informed about the current situation, helping your team work better together.

Regiondo's booking system helps you by automatically preparing participant lists upon bookings.

Participants list

Even while the booking process is still ongoing, Regiondo can automatically prepare a participants list. That way you save the hassle of laboriously entering each expected participant manually.

Customer database

While using Regiondo you will get an own customer database automatically. Your customers will be part of it after they booked in your ticket shop for the first time. You can use this database for your customer relationship management and for other improvements. With the different options for exports and integrations, you can easily work with your customer data. Do not miss this source of information!

Scan App

Tour and leisure activity providers are always lacking one resource in particular: sufficient time. To reduce your workload and alleviate unnecessary stress, you can now rely on our mobile application.  Turn your smartphone into an assistant – saving time and ensuring smooth ticket validation. The Regiondo app is available for iOS and Android.

Mobile access to your dashboard

The Regiondo Dashboard is adapted to all common devices and software providers. You can access your dashboard anytime with your mobile devices and use all functions as usual.

Customer dashboard

Your customer has the chance to create an own account while doing a booking. The dashboard contains among other features a history of bookings, a possibility to redeem voucher and an overview of their reviews.

Entry Management

You can transform your smartphone into a powerful ticket scanner with Regiondo's booking system.

Scan Apps

With the Regiondo App you can transform your smartphone into a powerful ticket scanner, enabling you to ensure that tickets are used appropriately. You can also use other scanner apps such as QR Code or PassWallet.

The booking system also includes the possibility to use a hand scanner.

Barcode Scanner

With your barcode scanner – and the corresponding software – tickets can be scanned quickly and easily on location. You just need to be online.

Scan your tickets on location by uploading your own barcodes to your Booking System.


Regiondo allows you to upload your own barcodes in your Booking System. Your tickets can be scanned on location as usual without any additional effort.