Create your very own ticket shop

Get a personalized Online Ticket Store to emphasize your brand and provide the best user experience for your customers with a lot of useful features and countless options to modify your ticket shop like the way you prefer.

Create your individual ticket shop

Regiondo’s booking software is a white label solution. This means your customer won’t notice that you are using the booking solution from Regiondo instead your very own. Select from multiple colors, fonts and styles and a lot of more options to make the ticket shop on your brand. Ask our support team which solution will fit your business most. Your customers will love the simplicity of purchasing and receiving their tickets.
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Your ticket shop on-the-go

Regiondo’s booking software is always tailored to the newest technical specifications and designed to function just as well on mobile devices. This improves your offers’ visibility on Google and the mobile-optimized design ensures everyone can reach your offers on-the-go.
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For providers of leisure activities, Regiondo offers a booking software in various languages. Our range of languages is constantly increasing to make sure that you can reach all the customer you want. Also having an English-language shop gives several foreign visitors the opportunity to book your offers before beginning their trip.

Currency payment methods

Currencies and payment options

In addition to a wide range of languages, customers also expect a wide choice of currencies with different payment options. It depends on the origin of your customers which currency and payment options are most relevant.



Customer-friendly booking flow

The most important function of a ticket shop is to let your customers book your activities easily. We created a very smooth and clear booking flow to make the customer feel good while booking. The customer just has to pick the conditions they want to buy tickets and so on at any time of the day.
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Mobile and digital tickets

Every ticket can be downloaded on the smartphone of your customer. Apple user can import them very easy in their wallet. Every ticket confirmation includes a PDF ticket and the possibility to put the ticket into the wallet.
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