We take care of your data!

In times of digitization and growing data protection requirements, it is becoming increasingly important to protect your data and take care of the way how to save it. Regiondo complies with all legal requirements and offers options to adjust the settings to your environment.

Regiondo is GDPR compliant

Regiondo offers you all the settings and options you need to be GDPR compliant – doesn’t matter in which country your business is.

Instant upgrades

Important upgrades and security patches are automatically applied so you can focus on your business without worrying about technical issues. To inform you about new features and updates we created a knowledge base with all current information about our system. And if we have a maintenance we will inform you before and make sure that your business won’t be affected.

Important security updates are automatically applied to keep your ticket store secure.

Bank level security is included for a complete and secure ticket store with secure connection.

Bank-level security

We use some of the most advanced technology to protect your and your customers’ data. Our web services are secured by an industry standard 256 Bit SSL encrypted certificate for all Regiondo domains and subdomains.

Always on

Never miss an opportunity again with our state-of-the-art technology built for maximum reliability. Trust your business on a double redundant server infrastructure with automatic failover so you don‘t need to worry about downtimes. Hosted by Hetzner Online in Germany.

 A double redundant server made in germany ensure your ticket store is secure.

Made in Germany

Regiondo is a member of the initiative ‘Cloud Service Made in Germany’. This initiative ensures that all Regiondo Services meet strict encryption and data protection criteria.

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