3 Simple Tricks to Get Ready for Halloween

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Halloween is the only day of the year when it is okay to be scary. All over the world, Halloween is a big business, with many tours and activity companies tailoring their offers for Halloween.

Online e-commerce sales related to Halloween were over $3 billion during October last year. And many industry experts believe it will hit close to $9 billion this year. All that spending is not only on candies, costumes or pumpkins, of course. More and more people see this special day of the year as an opportunity to enjoy an activity with family or friends.

This is the perfect opportunity for tour and activity providers to boost their winter season sales.  In this article, we will share how you can and you should customize your offers for special days like Halloween.

Social Media is your Friend

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Social Media is a powerful tool if used wisely. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer free ways to reach your potential customers.

Our business partner Jochen Schweizer Arena is one of the companies using Facebook to announce and promote their events, for example. By creating an event on Facebook, you automatically increase your chances to be seen by more people.





Custom Offers for Halloween

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You can also create dedicated offers for this day like one of our customers who offers escape games in Château de Picquigny in France.

Who would not want to try something out of the ordinary on this day? How about offering some special cooking courses teaching pumpkin flavored pizza?  It does not matter if you provide escape games or a cooking class, you can still try and customize your offers for Halloween.

This day can be also a nice time to plan company events. Team-building events and activities that are out of the ordinary are always popular. As a tour or activity provider, you can use this opportunity to come up with a creative offer.


If you are already a Regiondo customer, you have plenty of options;


Offer Gift Vouchers and Coupon Codes

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Halloween is not only popular in the USA but also very popular in Europe, especially in Prague. We all know that when it comes to haunted tours, Prague is the first city that comes to mind.



Our customer Prague Underground Tours are offering a wide variety of spooky tours such as ghost and dungeon tours. With creating coupon codes special to Halloween, you can easily increase the chances to get more bookings. Or you can implement gift vouchers so that friends or family members can buy a gift for their loved ones.


Special days like Halloween give you a chance to be creative and secure your online bookings in advance. In this article, we wanted to showcase some of the examples from our customers and to give easy tips and tricks for you to implement. You can get all the advantages of the Regiondo online booking software by starting a free trial or booking a personalized demo below.


or Treat


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