Grow Your Business with TripAdvisor and Review Express

Review Express is a great way to impact your popularity ranking on TripAdvisor, generate fresh reviews from new customers, and build ongoing relationships with previous customers in order to grow your business.

Regiondo is an official review collection partner with TripAdvisor.

Grow your business by creating and sending professional-quality emails and encouraging your customers to write public reviews and give you private feedback about your business. It’s quick, easy, free, and you will benefit from co-branding with TripAdvisor.

Learn how Regiondo Pro can help you achieve success with Review Express.

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What is Review Express?

Review Express is a TripAdvisor partner, and a free marketing tool which allows you to invite your recent customers to submit reviews on TripAdvisor.  After your customer does business with you, they will receive an email directly from TripAdvisor encouraging them to review their experience. It also allows you to add on private surveys, inviting your recent customers to give you their feedback confidentially.

Gaining this useful feedback from your customers is vital to your growth. It allows you to better understand their experience and gives insight on how you can tweak your efforts to serve them better.

Grow Your Business

Each month, about 280 million visitors plan their travel and leisure activities using TripAdvisor and rely on its user reviews in their decision-making process. By using Review Express, this gives you more current reviews to enhance your popularity ranking and help your business grow.

Stay on Track Easily

Review Express is smart and keeps track of emails so you don’t annoy your customers. If a customer has reviewed your services within 90 days or unsubscribed from Review Express emails, their address will be removed from the campaign. Only one email may be sent initially with an invitation to leave a review, and one additional reminder email may be sent within 30 days per customer, per attraction. You also have the ability to either manually enter the email addresses or upload a .CSV or .XLS file up to 5 mb in size.

Speak the Language of Each Customer

To ensure the most success of your email, you can send targeted messages to guests in languages they speak. There are 30 language options available and TripAdvisor templates for each one.

Track Your Results and Optimize Your Campaign

The Review Express Dashboard is a useful tool that tracks the effectiveness of each campaign automatically.  The Dashboard allows you to track your Total Campaigns, Total Emails Sent, Total Clicks, Total Opens, and Total Reviews. The dashboard also shows you your recent reviews, or will supply you with tips to generate more success in future campaigns if you have not generated any reviews yet.

Connect to Review Express Now

Regiondo is an official review collection partner with TripAdvisor. This means that since you are using Regiondo Pro your emails will be sent automatically to your customers once the event has taken place, without you having to manually upload a custom email list.

To learn how you can connect to Review Express, please follow this link.

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