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trabant berlin switches to online booking system

As the rental of vintage vehicles for tours and special events surges, tour operators are experiencing growth along with the demand for an online booking system to manage their business. Are you running your tour or activity business with calendar apps and spreadsheets but considering switching to an online booking system?  Learn how Trabant Berlin made the switch and grew their online sales.

Trabant Berlin is a full-service vintage car rental tour operator in Berlin. I caught up with the Head of Marketing, Katerina von Krieke, and learned more about her experience with Trabant’s change to an online booking system.

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Christina from Regiondo: First off, tell me a little more about how your business got started and about your passion for the leisure industry.
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: Well, it was a long and painful process, to be honest. It all started with a single car rental for film production. From that point on, it has been growing for the past 8 years into what it is now. I believe there is no way too long and no track too hard, as the saying goes.

I have to say that I love working with people in general and I like to make people smile – which is a great combination for a leisure business. One must be very determined and love the job in order to be good at it. I love what we do, so I hope we are also good at it.

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Christina from Regiondo: What are some of the key points to focus on when growing your business and making the switch to an online ticket store?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: First you need to know what you can offer your clients. Then, your offers must come at a reasonable price and be great fun at the same time. If you can provide something like this for your customers, an online ticket store is essential to attract a large number of clients and actually make a living from your offers. Over time we have grown our fleet. We started out with one car rental as I said before, and now we can host a variety of events with up to 35 vehicles for 115-140 people. After a certain time, there’s a point when you know you must make a change in order to continue your growth and run your business efficiently. For us, this meant switching to an online booking system.

Christina from Regiondo: Were there any challenges you faced when switching to Regiondo?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: Many challenges, but mostly within our company. I mean, before Regiondo we ran the business on a combination of a booking calendar based app, spreadsheet and paper. It was all professional but it was time to move on to the next technological century. Now everything is managed through one system and the Regiondo Calendar makes our bookings easier to view and manage.

Christina from Regiondo: How did you overcome the challenges you faced when making the switch?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: I must admit the Regiondo help center is a filled with great people that have a lot patience and know what they are doing, or have someone who knows. I think that during the process there were several times we came to the point where we were simply not able to see what was right in front of us. (Such as calendar exports, they are clearly there, but I just could not find it).

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Christina from Regiondo: What are some changes you’ve noticed overall since making the switch?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: I think that it helped us a lot to clarify the services we are providing to our clients. We know what are we offering, but it helped us have the ability to better describe what our services are all about. On the other hand, we are now able to work with Regiondo on a completely new level – we have a much better toolset with marketing as well and it also helps our managers to get the necessary reports and take actions. It also gives us a lot better control overall of our business and provides us with many possibilities to boost our sales.

Christina from Regiondo: Has your team experienced a difference in the way you manage your daily tasks?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: We have, and there are several timesavers involved. First, we can confirm bookings within a click or two, which previously took several emails. Secondly, it is the online payment possibilities. This saves our team more time on the spot but also offers us a reasonable alternative to any other online payments on the market. I think all in all this saves us a lot of time and helps us work more efficiently. Our team enjoys all the features the Regiondo system has to offer because it makes our lives much easier. But if I must name one which is my favorite, it would be the Channel Manager connection with all other booking partners. This is really great for our growth! It saves us a giant amount of time and helps us sell more.

Christina from Regiondo: Have you seen any growth since making the switch?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: We have seen some growth and are happy with it. In a year from now, we hopefully see ourselves at least as a 35% bigger company with a lot of happy customers.

Christina from Regiondo: Does an online ticket store change the way you sell?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: Yes, an online store changes things drastically! I could mention many points, but I will focus on one. It is now much easier for us to launch new products and to present them to people. Before Regiondo it was not that simple for us. I also think the Merchandising feature is a great tool for boosting sales.

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Christina from Regiondo: What words of wisdom would you give to other businesses wanting to switch to an online booking system and have their own online ticket store?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: Do it now. Do not wait until tomorrow. There will always be “but…but….but.” Do not wait until you are sure you understand everything about the program – they will help you to get over the change. You will have better control over the sales, products, connectivity and also online payments.

Christina from Regiondo: Are there any other points you would like to share?
Katerina from Trabant Berlin: Leisure is a fast growing and very dynamic industry. When people like what you do, that’s great, you will make money. But keeping them happy is more than oiling a working machine. Besides creativity, it will also be centered on connectivity and mobile applications in the future.

Christina from Regiondo: One last thing. Congratulations! Trabant Berlin received the Award of Excellence from TripAdvisor this year, what a great accomplishment!

Katerina from Trabant Berlin: Thank you! It means a lot to our team after all the hard work we did to come out with an excellent year. I have to say that the TripAdvisor Review Express is a great connection through Regiondo. It really helped us to automate the process of checking in with guests after their tours. We were able to collect reviews with less effort and monitor the satisfaction of our customers more closely. It’s a great tool, I would suggest making the connection if you haven’t already.

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