How to Grow Your Leisure Business with Merchandising

Remind customers to add complementary offers to their basket

One year ago we released our merchandise feature as an upselling feature. In this post, we will take a look at how our customers use this function and which advantages they got – so you too can grow your leisure business with merchandising. But first, let’s explore what exactly merchandising is.

What is the merchandising feature?

Our merchandising functionality gives you the possibility to upsell additional products during check-out to your customer. Offering more upselling products lets you provide related services that bring more value. Besides the upgraded service, you can also plan your offers in advance because you already know what your customer needs before the event starts. As the name suggests, the original product is complemented by this offer. Customers often do not know that such an additional item is needed and are reminded of it at this point.

When we released the feature we were thinking about complementary or additional offers. But then we realized that our customers are much more creative in using our new function. Our merchandise feature is used for several solutions! Have you thought about selling something like catering services as a merchandise product? The benefit of merchandising is obvious. Offer your customers more services to meet their needs and improve their satisfaction to earn more money during the buying process.

Ways to use the merchandise feature

Product: Cook Book

Type of business: Cooking school

Way to use: The aim of booking an appointment at a cooking school is to improve cooking skills and have a great time with friends. So why do you not sell them a book with additional recipes too? Offer the chance to repeat the great experience with food and friends.

Advantage: Improved Customer Satisfaction, Upselling, Plannability (number of books in advance)

Product: Insurances

Type of business: Tours and rentals

Way to use:  When you are on vacation you know the situation where you have to decide which insurance you need for your car rental. It is the same for Tour and Renal businesses. They are using the merchandise function to offer insurances for their customers directly while they are booking the offer.

For example, our client offers different insurance options to their customers when they are renting a Segway in their shop.

Advantage:  Improved Customer Satisfaction, Upselling, Safety for you and your customer

Product: T-Shirts

Type of business: Multi-activities

Way to use: A good example of Multi-activities is They are offering several activities to their customers like escape-rooms, arrow tag, Soccer or laser tag. Everybody who survived an escape-room knows that you are feeling great after. Offer them the chance to show their enthusiasm with a t-shirt “I survived the escape room” or similar.

Advantage: Free promotion, Upselling, Plannability (number and size of t-shirts)

Product: Trophy

Type of business: Go Kart

Way to use: The goal of renting a Go Kart with friends is to win the cup! It’s a nice way to celebrate a birthday party or just a fun day with friends or family. A merchandise product can be a trophy for the winner. This small product could change the whole experience (especially for the lucky one who win).

Advantage: Customer Satisfaction, Increasing sales

Product: Upgrades and Catering

Type of business: Bubble football

Way to use: Our customer use the feature to sell food and drinks. So the customers can individually design their time at bubblefoodballeurope as they want to. Imagine a birthday party with a lot of children and the stress level of the parents which are in charge to organize the event. They will be thankful to add these options to the booking.

Advantage: Customer Satisfaction, Upselling, Plannability (exact amount of space, food, and drinks)



As you can see there are diverse possibilities for you to use the merchandise feature. Improve your business and offer your customers a better service. The merchandise feature is an easy way to push your offers to the next level!

Don’t miss the chance to use our merchandise feature to increase your sales. Plan additional elements of your product in advance to save time and sell more at the same time. We created detailed information about how to create merchandise products in our knowledge base. Try it out and tell us how you use the feature to improve your business. For us, it is exciting to explore our customer’s experiences and creative ways of using this feature.


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