Every activity business is unique

We know that the leisure industry is shaped with a lot of different and unique businesses. Our booking solution is specially made for all of them! You can have seasonal, time-dependent or very complex offers – with Regiondo all kinds of offers can be displayed digitally in your very own ticket shop.


Individual tickets

Create and modify your tickets as you want. Your customers won’t see any Regiondo logo or branding on your tickets. You can individually design your own tickets, gift vouchers and much more with our PDF Editor.



Bundles are perfect to combine similar or correlative offers to a new individual one. You can create bundles and the customer can decide which offer is selected at that time. In fact, you offer your customer the opportunity to make an own decision without affecting the price. Win-win situation.
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You can sell branded merchandise in addition to your existing offers – a convenient way to add an extra revenue stream. Whatever you sell, your customers will have something to remember you by. Drive repeat business and referrals like a pro.


Categorize your offers on your online ticket store with Regiondo.


Categorize your offers with Regiondo so you can keep everything organized – even if you’re offering a lot of different things at once.

Gift Vouchers

Individual Gift vouchers are always available on your online ticket store —
an ideal gift which the recipient can redeem for one
of your offers later. Sale and delivery of gift vouchers are handled automatically by Regiondo – a few seconds after confirming a purchase, your customer will receive a completed gift voucher by mail.

Offer gift vouchers through your online ticket store for any occasion.


Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic prices are used to create individual pricing models for your business. For example, you can offer your customers cheaper prices for time slots which are less well booked and higher prices for well booked time slots. This helps you to improve your revenue management and be attractive for a variety of customers.

Discounts & Refunds

Create discount codes and offer coupons for your online ticket store.

Discounts and Coupons

Regiondo allows you to create discount codes and coupons. This makes it easier to target your customers and connect with them in a more long-lasting way.

You also have the power to offer refunds with your online ticket store.


Refund your customers quickly through the platform in the case of a complaint or cancellation. You can make full or partial refunds and even send gift vouchers instead of returning the payment. This will ensure that you keep their business while your brand reputation stays intact.

Early Bird tickets can be sold through your online ticket store with booking system Regiondo.

Early Bird Tickets

With Early Bird Tickets, you can encourage interested customers to book your offers ahead of time. This makes planning easier for you and adds value for your customers

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