Meet the Marketing Superstars at Regiondo

As part of our series on “People behind the machine”, today we’re happy to introduce the Regiondo marketing team! Our team is made up of very different personalities, practicing all kinds of marketing. Our tasks are also very different and we are based in different countries throughout Europe.

Probably the only thing in common is drinking coffee in the morning. And, well, working hard every day to make your experience with Regiondo even better!

So in this blog post, we’ll introduce ourselves and show you the people behind the Regiondo (marketing) system.

Ready? Let’s go.

Alex – Product Marketing Manager

Alex – Product Marketing Manager

You might know Alex from some of our blog posts or newsletters. He is responsible to inform our teams and customers about new features and he is doing his best to improve the customer experience – doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or a big player in the leisure industry.

What’s your Regiondo story, Alex?

In March 2017, I started at Regiondo as a working student while I was studying tourism management at the University for Applied Science in Munich. After I finished my studies, I evolved to Regiondos first Product Evangelist/Product Marketing Manager.

What are you doing? And tell us your goals!

I started with the creation and administration of our great knowledge base! For me, it was the best way to explore our product with all the different features and ways to use. Now I am doing much more – but I always work close to the core: our product. My overall goal is to explain to our customers (and future customers) the benefits and functionalities of Regiondo. Our booking solution is great, I will show it even more to the world!

What makes you perfect for this job? 

First, I don’t think that someone is perfect for a job from the very first day. In my opinion, everybody can become great at a job if you are open-minded and ready to learn something new! I was always interested in technical topics. I designed my first homepages with the age of 15 because it was fun for me. Then I stopped doing this for years.

After an apprenticeship, I took an important decision (and luckily it turned out very well) and started to study tourism management in Munich. I tried to make travel my hobby as a part of my job but then I reexplored my technical interests and chose only digital majors during my studies. At Regiondo I am able to combine my technical interests and the tourism industry :).

To make it short: I think I am best for this job because I am enthusiastic about technical topics and helping people understand digital products. It’s not easy but worth it!

What do you like the most about working for Regiondo?

I like that I am able to create my tasks in cooperation with other departments and their needs. I have the great opportunity to try things for the first time and learn a lot from that!

More Questions? Ask Alex in the comments or contact him on LinkedIn.

Kadriye – Marketing Manager

Kadriye – Marketing Manager

If you have visited Regiondo at a trade fair, you saw some of Kadriye’s work on site! If you haven’t, you might know her from our social media channels or online events.

 Kadriye, what’s your Regiondo story?

I started at Regiondo exactly one year ago in February 2018 and I was, at this time, mainly responsible for SEO and content. Since then I got new responsibilities along the way and our team also grow. My previous experience was mainly on B2C and I wanted a change in my career so I switched to B2B. I must admit, so far going great.

What are you doing? And tell us your goals!

Alex and I, we are running the website together and I am also responsible for events, trade fairs, our social media channels, inbound leads, press releases and some other cool things for sure which I forgot to mention now.

My goal is to make Regiondo the most loved booking software by our customers. We have a great product and a team full of experts in what they do so I’m excited about what’s to come!

What makes you perfect for this job?

I guess I have a talent for seeing things from a wide angle (mostly because of my diverse education and work background). I can easily understand the expectations of different teams and try to work in harmony.

What do you like the most about working for Regiondo?

We have a great office dog, if you follow our Instagram, you have probably seen me with her.  Besides this, of course, the international team and openness to try new ideas.

More Questions? Ask Kadriye in the comments or contact her on LinkedIn.


Trifon – Content Marketing Manager

Trifon – Content Marketing Manager

If you read the Regiondo blog articles, you definitely know Trifon. Trifon is responsible for most of the blog content and eBooks, keeping you updated about trends and best practices in the leisure industry. 

What’s your Regiondo story, Trifon?

I joined Regiondo just over 2 years ago. What started as a one-off project to update the company website turned into a long-term journey I’m still enjoying today.

What are you doing? And tell us your goals!

I look after the content roadmap, production, promotion, and translation. My goal is to provide useful, relevant and timely information for tour and activity operators so they are better equipped to grow and manage their business.

What makes you perfect for this job? 

Hey, nobody’s perfect… But if I have to highlight one thing, it’s the ability to put myself in other people’s shoes.

What do you like the most about working for Regiondo?

As a company, Regiondo is giving people full responsibility for individual projects, so they can grow on a personal and professional level.

More Questions? Ask Trifon in the comments or contact him on LinkedIn.

Anna – Dual Student Marketing

Anna – Dual Student Product Marketing

You might be using our self-service knowledge base already. Anna and Alex are putting a lot of energy into it to make sure that you can always help yourself in an easy way.

What’s your Regiondo story, Anna?

My story has just begun. I started in April 2018 as a working Student in Marketing. Besides my 3 working days at Regiondo, I am studying Marketing in Munich.

What are you doing? And tell us your goals!

At the beginning, I started to keep an eye on the blog content at Regiondo. Now, I’m supporting Product Marketing with great knowledge base articles.

By updating our articles and testing our new features, I get to know our system much better and I’m looking forward to sharing more of our great functions to make your leisure business even better!

What makes you perfect for this job and what do you like the most about it?

With my calm attitude, I’m always open to learning new things. I’ve always been  a customer in the leisure industry but being on the other side to provide important information to great leisure companies – it’s both challenging and very exciting.  

After graduating from high school, I wanted to find something that would encourage my creativity and with Regiondo I’m on the right path.

What do you like the most about working for Regiondo?

At Regiondo, I like that our team consists of different nationalities and cultures.  Despite all the language barriers, I think we represent perfectly that multiculturalism can work together in harmony and achieve great outcomes.

More Questions? Ask Anna in the comments or contact her on LinkedIn.

Vladimir – Marketing Manager

Vladimir is always on top of all the marketing numbers and makes sure that our content is reaching the people which can benefit from it the most. 

Vladimir, what’s your Regiondo story?

I have been working at Regiondo for about 2 years. The journey was amazing so far!
We were able to build solid grounds for scaling the growth of the company.

What are you doing? And tell us your goals!

I love helping businesses grow! Having a passion for building and executing different marketing strategies and campaigns. My goal is to make Regiondo the World’s #1 booking software!

What makes you perfect for this job?

I have always wanted to start, grow and make a successful exit or an IPO with a company that I own 100% of the shares in. I know that’s tough.
Therefore, I need to become better than most people in managing and running a company (marketing, sales, customer success etc.)

What do you like the most about working for Regiondo?

Our product, our team, and just everything. Regiondo is the best booking software for the leisure industry out there! It’s packed with amazing features and excellent customer support.

Did the office dog convince you? Help us to reach and educate customers from around the world!

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Alex is Regiondo's Product Marketing Manager and passionate about traveling and digitalization. He is from Hamburg and studied tourism management in Munich. His aim is to inform you about the product side of Regiondo to improve your business!
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