Our New Merchandising Feature: More Sales through Additional Products!

nouvelle fonctionnalité merchandising

We are constantly working to improve Regiondo just for you! Therefore, we are very excited to communicate several new features to you in the coming weeks. Our latest highlight is: Merchandising! Now you have the ability to sell additional products to make your offers even more attractive.

Who wouldn’t want to capture the action of skydiving from 13,000 ft high on a GoPro, and reliving the moment again and again or share it with friends? Or what do you think of rain insurance when the hike has to be cancelled due to rain?

The Merchandise feature offers great opportunities to provide customers with real added value through an additional product. Here you can find out what potential is in this update and how you can use it to start selling more!

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Advantages of additional products

When selling additional items, you should always ensure that they are directly related to the main item. In addition, customer service should be the focus of every additional product to your offer.

The advantage for you is obvious: With small, usually cheaper products, you can increase sales for each individual customer. In the retail sector and other industries, this is mostly a sales increase of between 20 and 30 percent of the original value.

Benefit to the customer: For the customers, the focus is on the added value. This can be time-saving (the customer does not have to buy the item, separately, from another shop) or kind of a reminder (the customer thinks of it as a meaningful addition to your offer). There are no limits to your creativity! You can find suitable examples below…

For a detailed guide on creating and linking additional products, please visit here.

Types of additional products

Complementary Offer
As the name suggests, the original article is complemented by this offer. As such, the additional article is directly related to your offer. Customers often do not know that such an additional item is needed and are reminded of it at this point.

Example GoKart
As the operator of a GoKart Race Track, safety on the race track is your first priority. For example, the customer can bring a helmet or purchase one for a fee. On the left, you can see how easy this solution can be realized with Regiondo!

Additional Offer
An additional offer is available if it is an article directly related to the main article. This is serves as added value for the customer, which shows more than just the actual use. Follow our example for a specific application.

Example Rain Insurance
Our client Seg-to-Rent München had a very special idea for an additional product. With the rain insurance (see right) the customer can be insured against bad weather!

Cross-selling distinguishes between vertical and horizontal alignment. The vertical variant is still in connection with the main product, but the horizontal version usually has no or very little reference to the actual product. The following example illustrates the topic.

Example Flight Simulation
The dream of flying can easily be realized by a Regiondo customer SimFlug München. So that everyone at home gets a sense of what it means to be above the clouds, a computer simulation is available as an additional product. With the game, you can prepare yourself for the right flight time, and get some first experiences at the wheel.


In order to keep you up to date, we have summarized all the different types for you. The examples are only exemplary and can of course be replaced by any additional products!

Your advantages as a Regiondo customer
Our new merchandising feature includes a lot more options than you think! Here’s an overview of your advantages:

Different sales tax per additional item
Additional product with/without shipping
Change in the order of presentation

Let Us Know, What Do You Think?

Now that you know what types of additional products they are and how to use them optimally, you should try it out. We will explain everything in detail here.

If you have more ideas for innovative and useful additional products, please let us know. We are always grateful for your recommendations and feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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