Meet the Office Hero at Regiondo

As part of our series on “People behind the machine”, today we’re happy to introduce Astrid, our office hero!

Astrid is everywhere! Sometimes she is doing interviews and collaborating with the CEOs and sometimes you can see her building a shelf in the corridor. She makes sure things run smoothly at the office and everybody loves her for it.

Here’s Astrid on what exactly she’s doing and why:

Astrid – Human Resources and Office Management

You might know Astrid only if you visited Regiondo or applied for an open position. Astrid is the welcoming person when you enter the Regiondo Headquarter in Munich.

What’s your Regiondo story, Astrid?

Long or short story? Short: People told me to get a “real” job again, after working as a Yoga Teacher and Dive instructor. So I did.

Semi-Long: I wanted to get into Human Resources and have a variety of tasks in a small company with a cool product. I’m studying Economics and Psychology and working as HR and Office Manager at Regiondo.

Really long story: Check my LinkedIn. 😉

What are you doing? And tell us your goals!

My purpose is to make sure everyone at Regiondo can do their best work. This means having the resources and infrastructure that’s needed and also plan and think about future superstars we should hire.  My goals are to grow with Regiondo, grow our team, and increase our skill-set. The online world is fast-paced, so we need to be too. – Challenge accepted.

How does a typical day look like in your job?

My day usually starts with having a coffee and checking my personal emails and calendar to know what’s going on. Usually, I do this still at home.

When I get to the office, I usually do my little karma tasks, make sure we have everything we need like fruits, coffee and muesli, and that meeting rooms are in order.

Today, we had 2 In-house interviews for the same department. I watched with one eye that the people who are involved are where they are supposed to be. In the meantime, I tried to solve some issues with a colleague about a software tool we are using.  Afterward, I had some time to write job postings for a job fair we will attend. During lunch, we discussed our structure and how we can scale our teams in an agile way.  After lunch and another coffee, I had a first interview via video conference. Then a video telephone call with a new colleague to talk about their employment contract. Next, I set up the workspace for a new starter and informed all colleagues via our internal chat tool about the new hires. I also asked for input about our next “all-hands” company meeting.

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Your job is constantly evolving with the growth of Regiondo, how do you see it in two years?

In two years, we may have grown to a couple of hundred people, in 3 or more countries. Each office has an office manager, office IT and, depending on the size, one or two HR Managers.

In my view, I can evolve to coordinate this team and work specifically on developing employee skills, company culture, and Regiondo’s brand as an employer. I’d also like to develop my skills towards personnel controlling and the implementation of recurring happiness scores, network analyses etc.

What makes you perfect for this job?

I like to get s### done. Give me a task I have never done before and I will research and find a way to complete it. I also like to communicate and to collaborate. I dare to ask uncomfortable questions, give suggestions and solutions.

In my opinion, my biggest strength is my passion for motivation and an analytical mindset of what skills and talents bring our teams to greater success.

What do you like the most about working for Regiondo?

The international vibe is what I like the most. The connection to leisure activities and tourism. Being, kind of, involved in developing new software.

I can learn loads and can bring my personal skills into full potential. I like my job because I work with all the departments. I get to speak English a lot in Bavaria and hear many different languages on a daily basis.

Are you searching for a diverse role with huge development opportunities? Astrid is searching for help – apply now!

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