How Positive Online Reviews Can Help Your Business

Positive Online Reviews

A very large percentage of consumers turn to online reviews when it comes time to make a purchase decision. Whether it’s an electronics product or a leisure activity, online reviews influence purchases in every industry imaginable.

With so many options these days, especially online, it’s important that your business stands out from the competition. If a consumer has two activity options, one with negative or no reviews online and another with several positive reviews, which one are they going to pick? The average consumer is going for the business with positive reviews every single time.

Apart from this significant fact, here are additional reasons why you should use your positive reviews on your website:

They improve your organic search performance: Google will also thank you for the reviews you’ve displayed. Your position on search engine result pages can improve after adding good customer reviews on your website.

They build immediate trust and provide solid social proof: It has been proven that customers trust offers with ratings more than those without. People do not trust companies anymore. They need other customers to built trust before purchasing.

Get digital word of mouth: Another reason for collecting reviews on your site is to use them as UGC – User Generated Content. User-Generated-Content is like word of mouth – but in the digital world.

They provide you with priceless feedback: Every review that is posted, negative or positive, gives you priceless feedback from customers that you can use to improve your business. This feedback helps you to identify your biggest strengths as well as your biggest weaknesses and areas that you need to focus on.

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As you can see, there is no reason to refuse to use ratings. With the Regiondo booking solution, you get your very own review module. This is a widget that you can embed on your website to highlight customer reviews. It also helps you collect reviews automatically. After every event, your customers get an email to leave a review.

Tip: Collect online reviews with your own review module 

Don’t leave the power of reviews to the big guys like TripAdvisor. Use your own Review module to collect valuable feedback from your customers in your own database.

Here’s why:

  • You have the control over the reviews and their visibility,
  • Everything is in one place
  • Let the communication still be from your own brand

The base of your review module is the customer database in your dashboard. There you find all your customers with the corresponding reviews. This database is also very important for every customer relationship activity.

A good process to collect reviews

1) Send a post-event email – automatically

The best process to collect customer reviews is an automatic one! Do not spend time contacting all your customers after the event. The message to the customer to leave a review should be automatically sent out right after the event to catch the customer while the feelings are still present. You are now in the position to ask for a favor. In the Regiondo review module, you can easily customize every email to the customers in your own way.

2) Use auto-reminders to get a few extra reviews

It is possible that your customers forget to leave a review or don’t have enough time to reflect on the experience. No problem – just send them a reminder. A few of them will take the chance to give you feedback. You can answer the reviews directly from your Regiondo dashboard.



3) Highlight your reviews in the most visible parts of your site

As already mentioned, reviews are a great way to identify potential improvements. But online reviews are also very good to show your strengths to your potential customers. Don’t miss the chance to grab the amazing possibilities from the first part of this article with the help of your good reviews. Be sure to display the reviews in the most visible parts of your website. To make things easier, we developed the review module with a customizable design so you can tailor it to your needs.

Don’t forget about TripAdvisor

Apart from your own review module, collecting reviews on TripAdvisor is still important for acquiring new customers. In contrast to people who already know you and your offers, TripAdvisor can reach others who’ve never heard of you before.

learn How to connect Regiondo with TripAdvisor

In addition to your own review module, Regiondo gives you a connection to TripAdvisor Review Express. This is also an automatic process to collect customer reviews. The difference is that the reviews will be only visible on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor sends your customers an email after the event to ask them for feedback.

Do you already have TripAdvisor reviews? Click here to improve your TripAdvisor ranking.

To sum it up …

You really have to use your customers’ reviews. They give you free feedback so you can improve your business. Reviews also have different advantages when it comes to marketing. – such as SEO benefits and being your digital word of mouth.

We recommend your own review module as a good review management base. You will always have full control and see everything in one place. With this base, you can also use review sites like TripAdvisor to present you and your business to a wider range of potential customers.

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