Alex – Product Evangelist

You might know Alex name or face from one of our blog posts or from the newsletter. He is responsible to inform current customers about new features and he is doing his best to improve your experience as a customer – doesn’t matter if you are a small start-up or a big player in the leisure industry.

Tell us something about you, Alex

In October 2004 I moved from my beloved Hamburg, where I was born, to Munich. I wanted to explore more parts of Germany after I recognized abroad that I know more about other countries then about my home country. …..

How long have you been at Regiondo now?

2 years ago I started at Regiondo as a working student while I was studying tourism management at the university for applied science in Munich. After I finished my studies, I envolved to Regiondos first Product Evangelist/Product Marketing Manager.

What are you doing? And tell us your goals!

I started with the creation and administration of our great knowledge base! For me, it was the best way to explore our system with all the different features and ways to use. Now I am doing much more – but I always work close to the core: our product. My goal overall is to explain to our customers (and future customers) the benefits and functionalities of Regiondo. Our booking solution is great, I will show it even more to the world!

What makes you perfect for this job and what do you like the most about it?

I was always interested in technical topics. I designed my first homepages with the age of 15 because it was fun to me. Then I stopped doing this for years. After an apprenticeship, I did an important decision for me (and luckily it turns out very well) and started to study tourism management in Munich. I tried to make travel as my hobby as a part of my job but then I reexplored my technical interests and chose only digital majors at my studies. So at Regiondo I combined my technical interests and the tourism industry.

To make it short: I think I am perfect for this job because I know how to be enthusiastic for technical topics and also know the need for understanding digital products. It´s not easy but worth it!

Why should a potential customer choose Regiondo as a booking solution?

In my opinion, there are many reasons. Regiondo has a great support team which helps as much as they can and as I know from internal conversations, the customers’ needs are always on their first priority. Regiondo has also a great development which develops continuously new features and updates for our customers. Of course, there are bugs too but bugs will be fixed 🙂 You really have to listen to an IT-discussion when it comes to new features! Another reason is one of my babies – the self-service. Our great knowledge base provides a huge amount of information and answers to help our customers 24/7.

What’s best about Regiondo?

Oh, I mentioned a lot about it in the last question. For me, the best is the ability to move. There are no too strict hierarchies or rules. If you have a good idea, you will always find open minds to tell them!

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